Three on the Bund

Finally visited Three on the Bund last night. We scheduled a party there but I was quite worried that morning – if the outside lightening system of the Bund is turned off that night, the view of Three on the Bund will be quite disappointing. It turned out to be 38°C which means, according to the energy saving regulation to fight agaist Energy Crisis, there will be no light on the Bund.

New Height

Although there is no light on the Bund and no light on the wonderful tower, it is still a wonderful place. The New Height bar on the 7th floor of the building – the top floor – has a large open area where you can see both the glorous Bund buildings and the Pudong new landscape.

View of the Bund.


© Jian shuo Wang

View of the other side of the rivere


8 thoughts on “Three on the Bund

  1. Excellent night shot. There’s a special ambience about the Bund with the lights on the buildings off.

  2. I must say I’m very sad to see that photo of the Bund without the lighting. The Bund without lights is just not the Bund. :-(

    If I was a tourist, I would rightfully be quite disappointed.

    It would be like visiting Las Vegas without seeing all the tacky neon lights at night time.

    With hope, the lights will soon shine again and the temp will decrease to something more tolerable for humans.

    See you soon WJS. I will arrive at the end of this week.

  3. I guess I have to say that your blog is very successful! I came across with it so many times, so that I decided to take a look at it. It’s well done!

  4. A friend who went there with us told me – you should be happy that you are able to see the bund in dark since it is so rare in the last five years.

  5. Yes. Can’t agree with u any more~

    The Bund in the daytime is what I prefer to see compared with that one at night, dotted with colorful neon lights which is so modern,shinning, but cool, and strange….

    Only in the daytime when all the modern decoration disappear , can the scene reminds me of that Shanghai in Golden Old Days of 1920s’.

    Don’t u think so?


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