Waited Long for Yuxin Sichuan Dish

Yu Xin Sichuan Dish

3rd Floor, #333, Zhao Shang Ju Square,

North Chengdu Road 成都北路 (at the northwest corner of Weihai 威海路)

Reservation: 021-52980438

Many people in my team recommend it as the No. 1 Sichuan restaurant in Shanghai. I agree that it is a good one, although not sure if it is the best.

Really Long Queue…

When I called at 7:00 PM for reservation, the gentleman said they can give me a ticket with number, since there are many people waiting in line for seats already.

The number I got was 62. At the front of the queue, it is 20. It means, there are 42 groups of peoples are before us – that is easily 100 people waiting.

Around 7:40, we arrived only to find out the number they announce just past 40.

We waited until 8:00 PM to get a seat. At that time, the tail of the queue is 90 already. Their lobby was full of people waiting in queue, just like a railway station at the rush hours.

P.S. Canon 350D

I am pretty convienced that Canon 350D is a good choice for my bigger camera.


Image in coutesy of dpreview.com

I looked at Nikon before I bought My New Camera – Sony DSC-P8, and was Thinking about Sony F828. Now it seems Canon is a better choice. Do you have any suggestions?

11 thoughts on “Waited Long for Yuxin Sichuan Dish

  1. I also got recommendation from friends about this Yu Xin, but never been there… actually I did try twice to book a table one day in advance, but both times the repliy was ‘sorry, fully booked’… I don’t have courage to try it again, or maybe I have to call one week in advance?

  2. It’s a good one, but it is more like Dish from Chongqing, which is not part of SC now (in some sense…).

    For SC dish, BA GUO BU YI (延安路、定西路) should be one of the best in SH, my friends and I always go there, since we are Sichuan-nese working in SH, you can understand it is a good place for SC food.



  3. If there’s a too long quene why not choose somewhere else? Say, Xin Ji Ke De (新吉柯德), the Sichuan Cuisine restaurant of year 2005 recomended by 周末画报.

    Address: No.6, Shaoxing rd.

  4. It’s hard to get authentic Sichuan food in Beijing…anyone know of a really authentic place?

    Re the camera, don’t know that much about cameras, but I’d imagine that one should stay away from Sony; much better to pick Nikon or Canon since those are REAL camera companies. A friend of mine once had an early Sony digital camera which would crash on startup if he turned it on without removing the lens cap!

  5. It always depends on personal preference and what you plan to use the camera for.

    I am a keen supporter of Pentax. I use a Pentax *ist DL, it is the smallest and lightest of the digital SLRs.

    Its a beautiful camera, but I have always used Pentax, even with my old film SLR and even my compact digital cameras are Pentax (Optio S5i and Optio MX).

    I have tested many models of Canon and Nikon digital SLRs, but I find them too `chunky’. The Pentax ist DL is more ergonomically friendly (nicer and easier to hold).

    You can learn about it here – http://www.pentax.co.uk/product_details.php?divisionid=2&productid=1232&parentid=15

    Good luck with the shopping – its always fun!

  6. if you don’t care the price of camera, i think CANON 20D is a better choice.It’s about 4000rmb more expansive than 350D.you can compare the parameters of the two types.

  7. Nikon D50/D70 for concerns on price. They beat Canon’s counterparts. Or the newer D200.

    For big cameras, lens is the bigger expense. Buying Canon means more and (cheap) lens for selection. Or, Jianshuo, will you have any more time on photography? =)

  8. hi wang, definitely go with the canon 350D. since we’re both chinese and I assume you have smallish hands like I do, the 350D will fit in your hands just fine. It’s a great camera, make sure you stay away from the kit lens and buy a better lens though.

    It will open up a whole new world for you once you start to learn about the capabilities of different lenses! Get a wide angle lens too..I use the tokina 12-24mm.

    It’s no coincidence the photographers in the know go with canon and nikon (in that order…)

    Take a look at some of the photos on my website..

    Happy shooting!

  9. Regarding the issues on Sichuan dish, I would highly recommend a trip to Chengdu. Though it sounds a bit ridiculous, it is worthwhile. I have summarized three points for your visiting: 1. Chengdu is the city where you could have a chance to taste all the authentic Sichuan food(of course, without paying too much);

    2. Chengdu is the city where you could possibly see how the southwestern part of China, which was once (or maybe now) considered as the poorest area, is developing;

    3. Chengdu is the city where you could find a major international airport should you want to do some sightseeing in Dao Cheng, a place that deeply impressed Jianshuo.

    Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, your mind can achieve in Chengdu!

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