Aniseed Vietnamese French Cuisine

For some reason, I postponed my dinner to 9:00 PM. Now, I am sitting in the Aniseed Vietnamese French Cuisine. While I am waiting for my Vietnamese noodle (delicious!), let me tell my friend about it.

It is the best place serving Vietnamese noodle in Shanghai, based on my limited experience of restaurant. As the name suggested, it combines the delicious food of Vietnam and the grace presentation from French. The noodle shop (maybe this is a better term to describe this "restaurant") is not big – only 10 tables. But the music and the service is very good – very rare in its kind. The Taiwanese host greets every customers and checks "how is everything" like in U.S. This is also very rare in local restaurants.

It is just downstairs of the office building I am in. Here is the address:

189 West Guangyuan Road, Shanghai China 200030
It is at the corner of West Guangyuan Road, and Leshan road (one block away from the corner of West Guangyuan Road and Huashan Road)
Reservation Number:021-64476488
Opening Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM.

I have to give you a tip: Their noodle is very delicious, but the amount may not be enough. They offer free service to add more noodles. Just make sure you ask for it.

Hope you like it. Well. My noodle is waiting for me already.

P.S. They don’t have Internet access – I am using Microsoft Live Writer as offline editing tool.
P.S.2 Vietnamese noodle is my favorite food in America. I eat Vietnamese noodle in Seattle when I work for Microsoft, in San Jose (although the noodle shop at Bascon Ave and E Hamilton Ave is just on the border of San Jose and Cupertino) when I work for eBay.  I also eat the same noodle in New York and Boston when I travel – it offers exactly the flavor I love at a cost lower then Chinese food.

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  1. hi,

    i am from vietnam, currently working in shanghai…i am so happy to read this page because i really miss Pho :)…

    Thanks so muchhhh

    truc pham

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