Red Restaurant

Shanghai is a place with great restaurants and great people. I joined Willie to a wonderful restaurant named Red (website) on quiet Anfu road. The road is famous because the Shanghai Drama Center is located there. I visited the center frequently before SARS hit the city. (In case you want to know what happened to the center later, let me tell you, the performance was paused till now). It is the place mixed with the best environment and the finest culture.


The restaurant Red is a very unique. It occupies the whole 3-story house before the large grassland. If I can record the sound for you, you will hear the music and laughter from the second floor.


I had Pineapple Fried Rice there. It is very delicious. You can find it at the bottom of the decent menu.


I was surprised that even it is Thursday (not Friday), there are many people there. Most of them are expats in Shanghai. It was called mysterious night. I don’t know what will happen there because I left before the program begin at 10:00 PM. It may be a good place to go if you just come to Shanghai and want to meet new friends. I am very happy to meet Annie, Robert and Tina there.

My New Sony DSC-P8 Camera?

The pictures were taken by the new Sony P8 camera. I still don’t have time to bring it out to take day-light photos since when I go out of the office, it is already dark. So I can only take the twilight photo. So far, so good. It is not a serious camara. Small, cute and very good capatibility with Windows XP are among the top reasons I choose this model.

SARS update in Shanghai

Lynne wondered why there is no SARS news from this web site. Well. It is my fault. I thought people just don’t care about SARS now so I am changing my topic. I will change back. So here you go.

Currently, there are eight confirmed SARS cases in Shanghai. The eighth is confirmed today to be a train attendant from Guangzhou. Among them, two died. No.

Annie reported that according, Shanghai government is considering relax the quaratine rules in Shanghai. Maybe people returning Shanghai will not required to take the 14 days in house quarantine. Note: This piece of news is not personally verified by me yet.

Coming back to my normal life, slowly

To be honest, I am relax recently and begin to meet people and go to restaunants recently, partly because the number of SARS is not increasing, partly because the strict measures already in place – I am having my temperature taken every morning, and every noon (if I leave the building). The number read from the therometer is strange – from 33.2 degree C to 36.5 degrees. Do they really think the 3 degree variation is reasonable? :-)

Metro (subway)

I took metro today since I need to met Willie on time and metro is definitely the fastest transportation tool in rush hours. I think it should be OK now. Actually, I havn’t took metro for about two months since end of March – can you imagine it? I did take metro in the last TWO months. I always walk or take taxi to avoid crowded place. I thought metro should be safer now. So I happily choosed to take metro.

But I was really scared when I enter the metro station. So many people are still wearing masks. On the contary, only few people in the street wear masks. In the train I took, 7 out of the 12 persons seated there wore masks. I must look stupid to have my nose and mouth exposed to the dangerous air.

After I get out of the train and return to the Nanjing Xi road, masks disappeared again.

My Starbucks trip

I took the photo of Starbucks at Shi Men Yi Lu metro station. Here is the logo. But I don’t think I have visited this store since this photo is not qualified as a unique photo for this Starbuck shop. I believe I will use some weekends to walk from one to the other until I touch all the 26 stores. Then I will take photos. The standard I set for the photo is, you can recognize the location of the store from the photo if you have visited the store.


© Jian Shuo Wang