Best Shanghai Eatery Streets?


stephen posted some streets named and asked me to translate them into Chinese. It is said they have the best eateries in Shanghai.

Dong Jia Du Lu 董家渡路

Renmin Lu 人民路

Yong Jia Lu 永嘉路

Xiangyang Nan Lu 襄阳南路

Hefei Lu 合肥路

Jinan Lu 济南路

Zhaozhou Lu 肇周路d to the list

Si Nan Lu 思南路

Huai Hai Zhong Lu 淮海中路

Tai Kang Lu 泰康路

Personally, I didn’t remember any special eatery on any of the street. What I do know is:

Dong Jia Du Lu was a nice place for silk, and clothes. They were recently shutdown also.

Ren Min Lu is the circle road that runs around the old Shanghai – “old” means very old, like one thousand years.

Yong Jia Road, and Si Nan Road are my best place for a walk in the afternoon. They are simply two of the most beautiful streets in Shanghai.

Tai Kang Lu is the art street with a lot of art companies, and workshops.

Huai Hai Zhong Lu is the shopping street.

Can anyone provide more information about eateries on the street? I am just not a eater, and don’t know much about where to go eating…

6 thoughts on “Best Shanghai Eatery Streets?

  1. Jian Shuo, thank you for your diciphering of the above, I shall be busy during my fore-coming visit to Shanghai.

  2. My best local eats experience is on Wujiang road ( a 2 blocks walking street off Nanjiang road). Famous eatry include Yang’s fried dumpling, Wang ja Sa resturent above the subway station and not to say there is a very very good noodle house which I cannot remember the name that serves Su chow dishes.

  3. Loretta, yes, Yang’s fried dumpling is good and don’t burn your lips on the first bite, but prepare for long queue and eating in the street, the sit-in is deplorable. Try to avoid the consomme soup which is too waterly.

    The delicatessen at Wang Ja Sa is very good and with comfortable seatings but with no non-smoking partition, better go in group so you can sample different variety.

  4. Isn’t Wang Ja Sa is that place on Nanjing Road with one 25 Watt lightbulb for the entire restaurant?

    The only time I was there, that lightbulb burned out half way through my meal.

  5. Wu Jiang Lu is going to be destroyed… (after 6 months or so)

    You can go talk with the people of the block… they will confirm you.

    It will become a boring fashion street like everywhere in shanghai.

    People love WuJiang Lu, it is always crowded, but the powerful do not care of the people they just want to make money.

    I am quite sade

    Shanghai is losing slowly is interest, and become more and more boring.

  6. WuJiang Lu is like a gourmet paradise to me and many tourists who are visiting the city, if the authority is determined to dismantle the street, the city will lost one of her attraction just like the way they closed the XiangYang Market.

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