Brick Road in the Garden

To spend few hours to do labor work brought my great happiness. Today, I made a brick road in my garden by myself.

The Area

The 1.1m x 3.0m corner at the inner most of the garden was full of wild grass. I didn’t have the right time to cut the grass, so they grew wildly. I felt embarrassing at the very beginning – I know to left grass like that is very bad thing for neighbors, but recently, I found the grass of my neighbor is even worse. :-)

So this weekend, I decided to use bricks to cover the area, and leave some space for flowers in the future.

The Bricks

I found when you do it by yourself, it is much cheaper. This is what I did.

We drove to Hengda 恒大 Stone Market.

All kinds of stones were sold there in the warehouse way.

We bought 36 piece of 200mm x 400mm x 10mm bricks. They are heavy! It took me quite some time to move it to the back of the car and to the garden – two piece at a time. We calculated again and again how heavy it is to ensure our car is OK with the stones at the end. The conclusion is, the 100kg stone is not heavier than three persons sitting in the back. So we were on the road.

Removed the Grass and Lay on the Bricks

We removed the grass, and laid on the bricks. We didn’t have time to pave the ground yet. Will do it later.

It looks not so good so far. I hope when we paved the soil and lay the bricks again, and put some grass seeds, decoration stones in the spaces, it will look better – I hope so, at least.

Vanke is a Good Real Estate Company

Just get back from my good friends new apartment at Vanke Holiday. It is another good residential area by Vanke.

I am a big Vanke fan. Our first apartment was in Vanke, and I spent great time there, before I moved to Pudong.

Vanke is the No. 1 brand in the real estate industry. It has the largest revenue number, and good at build vast area of residential buildings and turn suburb into new towns.


The Expertise of Doing Business

Sometimes I wondered why companies with huge amount of capital didn’t invest in the booming real estate industry. For example, Microsoft and eBay, and Yahoo! may get better gain in China by investing in real estate if they did it in 2000.

It turned out the idea is naive, since recently, I understand every company has its unique expertise. If you gave 100 million dollars to Vanke and ask Vanke to build a new town, they can spend the money more effective, with lower cost and higher price than other companies can. It is the same to invest 100 million dollars to Microsoft, and they can do better job than Vanke in software industry, and eBay on eCommerce… That is the reason every company focus on their own field, instead of going into too many industry. Many big companies in China entered too much (they call it diversity in business). Some succeeded, but more companies failed to do that. In a more efficient market, the concentration of expertise will be even more clear, so the smart decision is to stick in one industry, and deliver really good result.

The World is Not Created by Genius – Part II

Continuing the discussion of “The World is Not Created by Genius“, I wrote a Chinese blog and created a simple AJAX application to facilitate this game on the Internet. If you haven’t read about the previous article, it is also good. You can play the game first.

The Game

  • Gather a group of people (I have done it for you. Currently, at least 200 persons have entered their numbers already)
  • Each person write down a number between 0 – 100
  • Calculate the average of all these numbers
  • The one who guessed closest to 2/3 of the average number wins

Now you are one of the participant. Please think carefully, and choose a number that seems most promising for you to win the game.

Your name: Please note that the name you entered is public

The number you choose: between 0 to 100

Here is the guess result of the latest 30 paticipants. Check out your position in the game. For explaination of the game, check out my previous article The World is Not Created by Genius.


P.S. AJAX make it very easy to create collaborative application like this, and embed it into a HTML page.

P.S. 2. Please pass the game on to invite more people to participate in the game. The more people involved, the more interesting the final result will be.

Need to Go to Beijing Some Time

I haven’t been to Beijing for quite some time. I need to get to Beijing sometime soon. The IT, especially Internet, center is in Beijing. The media center is in Beijing. To run Internet business, it is wired that we don’t visit Beijing often. I also have a lot of friends (web 2.0 friends) in Beijing that we haven’t chatted for a long time. I feels the winter of Internet is not far. The momentum changes slightly since May and now it is obviously that people are not so excited about new ideas. No evidence, just some feeling about the industry.

Decathlon Store Locations in Shanghai

There are 5 Decathlon Stores in Shanghai. I got their store card in the Jinqiao Store the other day. They have locations for all their 5 stores. Here are the locations:

Decathlon, Huamu Store
by Jian Shuo Wang to decathlon
Decathlon, Changning Store
by Jian Shuo Wang to decathlon
Decathlon, Jinqiao Store
by Jian Shuo Wang to decathlon
Decathlon, Xinzhuang Store (Approximate)
by Jian Shuo Wang to decathlon
Decathlon, Putuo Store
by Jian Shuo Wang to decathlon

Decathlon, Huamu Store

Decathlon, Changning Store

Decathlon, Jinqiao Store

Decathlon, Xinzhuang Store (Approximate)

Decathlon, Putuo Store

Enjoy sports then!

24K Hotel Offers Booking for 2010

24K Chain Hotel offers booking for 2010 rooms today. They promised the price for their rooms remain the same if guests book the room today.

During the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, it is expected that 70 million people (4 times more than Shanghai’s current population) will visit he city, and hotel price must go up quickly.

The 24K Chain Hotel’s policy for booking is 30% payment upon reversation, and full payment three month before the check-in date.

About the Hotel

24K Hotel is another budget hotel in Shanghai. The other I have introduced are: Jinjiang Inn, Motel168, and Rujia.

The 24K Chain Hotel at People’s Square is a pretty good one. I have arranged some friends to stay in this hotel, and their feedbacks were very positive. The price is between 268 – 368 RMB per night.

Will the Reservation Work?

I don’t think anyone can make travel plan (especially exact date) four years in advance. However, to keep the price flat during the 2010 hotel rush hours is somewhat attractive.

Many international hotels like Shangri-la, Hilton is expanding their facilities in Shanghai to get ready for the boom of guest in 2010. Will it be easy to find some place to stay? I doubt it.