Vanke is a Good Real Estate Company

Just get back from my good friends new apartment at Vanke Holiday. It is another good residential area by Vanke.

I am a big Vanke fan. Our first apartment was in Vanke, and I spent great time there, before I moved to Pudong.

Vanke is the No. 1 brand in the real estate industry. It has the largest revenue number, and good at build vast area of residential buildings and turn suburb into new towns.


The Expertise of Doing Business

Sometimes I wondered why companies with huge amount of capital didn’t invest in the booming real estate industry. For example, Microsoft and eBay, and Yahoo! may get better gain in China by investing in real estate if they did it in 2000.

It turned out the idea is naive, since recently, I understand every company has its unique expertise. If you gave 100 million dollars to Vanke and ask Vanke to build a new town, they can spend the money more effective, with lower cost and higher price than other companies can. It is the same to invest 100 million dollars to Microsoft, and they can do better job than Vanke in software industry, and eBay on eCommerce… That is the reason every company focus on their own field, instead of going into too many industry. Many big companies in China entered too much (they call it diversity in business). Some succeeded, but more companies failed to do that. In a more efficient market, the concentration of expertise will be even more clear, so the smart decision is to stick in one industry, and deliver really good result.

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  1. The economic term is Comparative advantage.

    Efficiency is king, baby!

    This is also why communism doesn’t work. The state is very bad at running various companies/industies.

  2. Jian Shuo Wang, great blog! I will be checking in on it often. I will be traveling to Zhen Jiang in Jiangsu Province next month. I am trying to purchase a “local” Zhen Jiang City, China Mobile SIM card before I travel. Can you link me with someone who can sell me a local Zhen Jiang SIM card? I am also thinking about purchasing the new Blackberry Pearl. Will I be able to use all the functions of the Blackberry while using a local China Mobile SIM card? I would like to be able to send and receive messages from the US. Please advise.

    Many Thanks. Thank you.

    Kevin Hoff

    He Kai Xuan

  3. Corporations don’t need your endorsement, maybe you want their patronage, silly boy! That’s not the way to do it though.

  4. Hi Kevin, I don’t have direct contact to sell SIM card to you. You may try I think there is someone there selling the card. For the Blackberry, China Mobile does have Blackberry services, and some geeks configured blackberry to work with China Mobile even before they officially support Blackberry. So my suggestion is, ask those guys who have done it.

  5. Jian Shuo Wang, thanks a million for the advice. I will check out Ebay China. I will also look around for how to configure Blackberry for China. If you hear of anyone who has done this please let me know. Otherwise, if I have an opporunity to spend some time in Shanghai next month I’ll look you up.

    Thank you!


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  7. What suggestions does anyone have as to renting or purchasing a condo in Sichuan Province, e.g. Chengdu or Luzhou?

  8. Vanke’s managment is very good. But the apartment called Vanke Holiday is not as good as the one I am living now. I used to want to buy the renovated unit (phase 5) in Vanke Holiday, but after I visited the show apartment, I gave up becuiase I think the ceilings is not high enough and thus makes me feel a little cramed.

  9. hi kevin hoff-you dont go to china mobile for sim card-I get mine at china telecom and they cost about 5-6 bucks-its a rip-off in this country-they will also sell you a card for minutes which is also cheap–about 50 rmb should do you-

  10. re vanke–apts. in Shanghai-huai hai & nan jing rd. much too expensive-I assume these are monthly rates and ikea furniture is junk.

  11. If you take taxi from the maglev be careful-the taxis will try to rip you off-they will give you a paper at the maglev hang on to it and dont pay more than is written on the paper for your destination.

  12. I own a Vanke apartment in Bai Ma Hua Yuan, Songjiang, just bordering Minhang (XinQiao) and it is great, the management very effective, all staff friendly, etc.

    I heard many times that Vanke is easy to sell again, but really: How long in average does it take when you want to sell a Vanke apartment? We will leave Shanghai in about 2 years and how long in advance should I start to try selling it?

    Is it possible to sell it privately or do I have to use a real estate agent (my experience with the agents is very poor to say the least). How much would an agent charge me?

  13. @Sabine, how easy to sell an apartment really depends on two factor: 1) The overall market, and 2) the price you set. If you set it a little bit below market price, you always get your house sold out quickly.

    Generally, at the same condition, Vanke house sells better, based on my experience. They are a good developer and really spent time and effort to make the house valuable.

    Most agents will charge you 1% of the total amount of the sales. You can also use local classified site, like my site: (Disclaimer: I am the CEO of this website).

  14. Vanke is a bad real estate company. I live in Stratford in Shanghai. We have workers to repair or try to fix our place every month, at least 2 weeks a month. It has been like this for more than a year !!!!!!!

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