Weekend! Weekend!

It is weekend, again.

Gave me one day, to relax…


  1. sofa, wish you have a good weekend!

    so does it for myself!

  2. 我建议Jian Shuo学一套太极~

    比如24式 做完整个拳法花20分钟左右 会让你彻底的放松!!!

  3. The first weeked in the new semester! Great!

  4. Yes,you are tired.you can go to the suburb to relax yourself.

  5. Hi!

    Yes, weekend is great if you know where to go! :(((

    I am new in Shanghai and will be happy to meet some english speaking friends… unfortunately around me is only chinese speaking people!

    Will be happy to contact you wia martins.knipshis@gmail.com


    my China number: 15901620541

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