Need to Go to Beijing Some Time

I haven’t been to Beijing for quite some time. I need to get to Beijing sometime soon. The IT, especially Internet, center is in Beijing. The media center is in Beijing. To run Internet business, it is wired that we don’t visit Beijing often. I also have a lot of friends (web 2.0 friends) in Beijing that we haven’t chatted for a long time. I feels the winter of Internet is not far. The momentum changes slightly since May and now it is obviously that people are not so excited about new ideas. No evidence, just some feeling about the industry.


  1. I feels the winter of Internet is not far,

    do you think so ? i am dubitable

  2. I do not think the winter will be coming.

  3. nothing is impossible,even it’s internet.i’m a traditionl man and i don’t have confident of internet or new economy.but i’m very curiouse about IT industry

  4. Maybe Jianshuo got a chill at the Qingdao seaside.

  5. If you are carrying some weight in this industry, i don’t think it’s a good idea to spread this kind of comments, could cause some noises.

    Yet, welcome to BJ, the most beautiful season is coming, plus, no matter where you stay, the most important thing is who you with, it’s time to hang out with friends and have a couple of cocktails.

  6. Argee to Lisa, this is the most beautiful season for Beijing, the blue, yellow,grey or black will make the historical city more impressive.

  7. Money goes where the action is, if Shanghai is lacking in both, best decide to leave town or risk losing out. Wise up and face reality!

  8. lisa, don’t worry. I am just nobody in this big world. No one is strong enough to influence the world – even in the slightest degree…

  9. It is weird nor wired. I feel not I feels.

  10. the spring of internet will come !

    be patient and always have passion

  11. What? The Winter of Inernet is coming, again? I thought in Silicon Valley we have been in this winter since about 5 years ago :) Yes, there is a Google here, and we sometime talk about Web 2.0 too, but that’s about it. Up till today, there are still about 200,000 fewer IT jobs in the Valley than 5 years ago. Empty office buildings are still seen everywhere. And the only international flights arriving at San Jose International Airport are from Mexico …. So guess your forecast will not mean too much to us anyway :)

  12. I just have the feeling – no solid reasoning, or analysis, no data support, just my feeling. When I talked with many VC friends, and start up friends, both side showed different attitude than one year ago. “Conservative” is the theme now. It does not directly link to winter, but at least it is not spring, and not summer.

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