Don’t Use Hate to Stop Spread of Hate

Recently, there are astonishing news about killing in kindergarten. In 40 days, 5 incidents in 5 different cities across China, more than 60 children will killed or badly hurt. Look at the killed children, as a father, I am completely frightened, and deeply concerned.

There are many things in common with the Virginia Tech accidents many years ago in US. The desperate killer (also victim of this society in bigger scope out of the case itself) turned to express their hate to this society by killing people – in the recent months, killing of children.

The security measure is tightened everywhere. In Yifan’s kindergarten, the door of the kindergarten is completely locked after 9:00 until parents pick their children in the afternoon. In the middle, no one in, and no one out. This is maybe the general practice across China. We already see observation like this in my comment section.

Work on the Root!

It is not just some crazy criminal in these cases. There are more than that. With the tension in society, more people feel hopeless. When their house is taken away via violation, or they cannot get the salary for the whole year of hard work, or they are simply humiliated by this society, and there is no way out, they go crazy. To restore justice, and legal system and give them helping hands are the most important thing we need to do these days, besides the tighten the security.

I am more concerned with the hate and mistrust spreading out throughout the society. In the banner people handout in Taixing (where 31 children were injured), they wrote: “If you kill corrupted officials, you are hero; if you kill children, you suck!”. This does not necessaries the right way to think about it.

The biggest problem of injustice is, it justify killing!

15 thoughts on “Don’t Use Hate to Stop Spread of Hate

  1. Those children who were injured and also killed didn’t commit an injustice on any of the perpetrators. They were completely innocent victims of wild and senseless rage.

    Keeping school doors locked throughout the school day is certainly advisable. That is what is done in most US schools.

  2. Increasingly we are witnessing human society living in expensive sophisticate “cages”. Kids are now locked away in home and schools, while just a generation ago, when we were kids, we can roam (streets & rivers) and hunt (insects and fish) like “nomad”.

    The more sophisticated we are the more worrying the society becomes. Sigh….

  3. Actually, most of these atrocities are at least partially due to serious mental illness. Given the number of sick mental people out there, it’s surprising in a country of >1B people, there aren’t more of these incidents.

  4. This is the world we have to face. School shld employ guard to ensure the safety of all children

    in their compound. Is a small price to pay for the safety of our children. We cannot wait for the

    next sicko to strike again.

  5. probably we can refer to the story of Yu the Great in ancient China, the way how he fixed the flood.

    like the poster Jian Shuo Wang said, need to work on the root.

    Also I agree with the comment “Posted by: Soon on May 7, 2010 4:56 AM”, sometimes really miss those past times.

  6. A series of criminal events probably happened when the society’s hate arrive at some extent. These crimes may be part of the ordinary persons, even some honest men regarded as in everyday life. Once they haven’t gotten what they want, they go the extreme. This is a tragedy of the society.

    But I wonder why the authority has been hiding the fact of casualty, which can cause a bad effect, we don’t know. All the children’s parents have been worried since the accident happened. People can’t help to ask: The truth may lead to a terrible conclusion in the end? What do people in charge of it want to do after all? They should understand the feelings of the victims’ parents and relatives. They should give more concern about these suffering people. However, we must charge those crimes angrily. It is them that who killed innocent and lovely childish children. They will be strictly punished. Meanwhile, human nature’s twisting and depravation has been touching every field in the society.

    These young lives that disappeared never return. It will remind people of unjust and illegal matters in current society. They must be gotten rid of as soon as quickly by an effective access before more incredible and unknown incidents occur.

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  10. Hello Wangjianshuo, my name is Celine. I really enjoy reading your blog articles and plus improving my English. I’m a primary English learner, when I was reading your words today, I happened to notice the grammar used like “will killed” among the first sentence of your essay. I couldn’t totally understand, what does this tense mean? Could I replace it to “Present perfect” or “Passive past tense”? I’m really looking forward your help, if it’s not too much trouble for you. Thank you very much!

  11. Have you heard about is a website where anyone can get an international blog and every entry, email and group is translated into 28 different languages for free. It’s awesome, finally a world without language barriers!

  12. Celine, JS is not a very careful writer when it comes to blogging in English. He makes mistakes, and the one you mentioned is one of them. So please don’t be too concerned when you come across these errors. It’s probably a typo: “were killed” instead of “will killed”.

  13. @Schadenfreude, sorry for just read your comment, anyway thank you for your explanation indeed!! o(∩_∩)o

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