May 12, 2009

One year anniversary of the earthquake. To be honest, today just slip from my fingers, another crucial way to tell us (sadly) that no matter what happens, the world still keep going…

I spent 7 hours talking today, and had two pretty important meetings in the morning. A long and tiring day. I said communication is the key to any success. I do mean it, and that is the reason I will spend the rest of the month purely on communication.

Another thing to notice, that the Atlantis space shuttle (it was delayed launch many months ago) appeared on news. It is arranged as a rescue ship. Its sister ship, Space shuttle Endeavour will prepare to be launched in the middle of June. My YLF friend Christopher will be on board to fly to the space station. They are also using twitter to update their status in the space. Good luck Christopher, and his team members.

5 thoughts on “May 12, 2009

  1. Hey jianshuo, I was driving to school this morning, and listening to the audio book . So excited they mentioned your name and kijiji. It makes my day. HAHA~

  2. Wow! What an amazing opportunity for your friend to be on that space mission. I will definitely follow the news about that more closely now that I know someone who knows someone who is participating. Safe travels, Christopher!

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