Small Daocheng, Small World

Today, I found a very interesting entry on my comment board –

Go to index2.htm and look at your picture with a little girl in uniform in front of Tibtan Hotel in Riwa. See the two men on the second floor? The men in light black is me. Very nice to meet you again.

Posted by: cuanyu on October 13, 2002 07:24 PM

Quoted in courtesy for cuanyu

I immediately checked the photo (click to see larger one)

Yes! He is there.

I remember I should have seen cuanyu there. It is so nice that we met again in cyberworld.

It is such a small world. I met a lot of people during the trip, some became very familiar, some are just meet-and-go. When get out of everyone’s own world, people get closer. We may not know the name of each other, but we have been good friends.

This reminded me to put some of very good travel mates we met during the Daocheng trip. We were in the same group and spent the unforgetable 7 days together. They are (without perticular orders)

  • Jingbo
  • Caca
  • Xiaobai
  • The judge
  • Yanlin
  • Yehong
  • Xiao Zhongshan – Haipeng
  • Yanjin
  • The old soldier
  • The doctor of Chengdu – Sister Xu
  • Xuejia – the tour guide
  • Liu and Li – the drivers

We shared the tough trip and enjoyed the uncomparable beautiful scene together. We experienced emergencies together and we shared happiness together. It is a great treasure for me to have been with you. Thanks.

There are still may great people, like Cuanyu, whom I met but didn’t say a word. It is a pity but the trip itself has enriched my life so much. I gained way far more than I will do in big cities.

When we enjoy all the benifit a big city brings to us – the 24×7 stores, the public transportations, the house, and electricity and water supply…., we are so far from the other real persons. People become entities of roles. They are either service providers, or the customers – anything except real person. It is the most attractive thing in travel – people and people are completely equal. Based on such equal relationship, friendship is much easier to setup.

It is another unexpected gain I received from the trip. Wow. Yes!

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