Finally, My Daocheng Video is Online

Thanks to YouTube, I am finally able to post the Daocheng video XGE helped to create 6 years ago online.

The Daocheng Trip is the most amazing trip and memoriable trip I had. As you can see from the video, it is a great place.

P.S. I also got another comment (the first comment I got on YouTube) about the other video I posted:

worst video in history of videos in the world of videos

Not surprisingly, the video got a 1 (out of 1 to 5) rating. If you are interested in this “worst video”, here is the link.

2 thoughts on “Finally, My Daocheng Video is Online

  1. It looks beautiful. Could you please tell me how you post words on the video and how you add the music at the background?Thanks and love you blogs. A girl from Shanghai.

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