Daocheng VCD Received

What a surprise! I received a small package from Zhongshan today. It is marked as toy. “Strange”. I thought.

I opened the box and found a very nice package of CD. It has a nice cover with the picture I took. It even comes with a small book of the articles the group memebers wrote. Fantastic!!

Thanks for CGZ and LKP for their great contribution! It is a very nice gift for everyone of us.

Update: July 1, 2003

Online broadcasting of the Daocheng video at http://xpstream.winisp.net/jianshuo. It is a 10 mins preview and the full length video is 1 hour and 10 mins in length. It is only available in format of VCD disk.

4 thoughts on “Daocheng VCD Received

  1. Hey……..the video clip preview is really interesting….where can i get the vcd?…..is it exp?….

    great pics that you’ve taken too…….

    i’m also very interested in going to daocheng….in fact, that thought has been with me for the past few years, but in Singapore, there isn’t any tours to daocheng, until recently….so guess my chance has come.

    is there anything i’ve gotta watch out for or avoid at daocheng? any advice?

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