Yifan Attacks Me :-)

Yesterday, Yifan happily throw his toy car onto my head – it hurts, and Yifan is so happy and laugh like crazy – it really hurts.

Then he tried to get my nose with his small hand, and scratched my face – there are three points on my face was hurt, with blood coming out a little bit.

Yifan is still cheerful and didn’t know what happened. Hmmm…. It hurts, again.

Although it is not the best experience I am with Yifan so far, but looking at innocent and always-happy Yifan, I cannot be angry, and I just feel this naughty boy is still so lovely. Looking around, there is the same little scar on his grandma and Ayi’s face. :-(

Let me just record it and when Yifan grows older, I will tell him when exactly he attacked and hurt his handsome and loving daddy.