Happy Birthday to Yifan

Yes! Yifan is exactly one year old today. We had a wonderful night for him today, but it is too late. Let me post more photos and text on this entry tomorrow.






  1. WOW! How has it possibly been a year already??! He’s growing up so fast. I love that the birthday hat is in English. And his presents included a new mouse and a calculator?? Perfect!

    Please give him a big squishy birthday hug for me, OK?

  2. hey, happy birthday to Him! wow, one years old…

    i wonder what has he chosen? hehehh

  3. Happy B’day. So what did he choose for his birthday present? Any sight what is his future going to be? hehehe…

  4. I can hardly see the 100 yuan if i don’t look at the presents carefully.. haha~ I’m very curious about Yifan’s choose.

  5. Happy Birthday to Yifan! thanks for sharing your heartfelt feelings about Yifan on the blog!

  6. @derek, you are very true, and it was exactly what Wendy complained for. Finally, we moved the “colorful paper” to more obvious location, and Yifan did spent several seconds with it.

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