Happy 1.5 Year Birthday of Yifan

Today, Yifan is exactly one year and 6 months old. I am far away from my cute son. So I bought a big bear for him. On the tag, I wrote:

To: Yifan
From: Daddy and Mommy

Hope Yifan will like it. The toy bear is almost the same size of Yifan, and I bet he must be happy to have a little brother to play with him.


Below is a picture of Yifan when we brought him to Shanghai Zoo last Saturday. He is obviously happy to see monkeys, but he is not as excited as we thought when he saw giraffe – he shouted loud whenever he saw giraffe on TV at home, but did show too much excitement when he saw some real one.


I was told by Jim that baby are most lovely between 1.5 years and 3 years. I don’t know what happens after 3 years, but obviously, Yifan is more and more lovely everyday. Now he understand a lot, and start to learn to say some word. I cannot wait to get back home and kiss him.

Happy 1.5 year birthday, Yifan.

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