Shanghai Weather (TQ)

Today is June 24, 2004. It is in the middle of the rainy season in Shanghai. This afternoon, Shanghai experienced the heaviest raining in the recent years (from my observation and experience). It was rainning cats and dogs outside around 4:00 PM. The sky became completely dark. The rain even triggered some of the alarm system of cars. Some sensitive cars kept beeping loudly. I started to worry my grass in my garden.

Look at the Shanghai Weather Forecast. (Please note: It always reflect the current Shanghai weather and may not be accurate after today).

Click for Shanghai, Shang-Hai Forecast

Raining Everywhere

My friend Hengge, CEO of changed his display name to Storm this afternoon. He is in Zheng Zhou, central China;s Henan Province. He recorded the strong storm in Zhenzhou and the damage it caused in his blog. There are three great pictures on his page.

Beijing is not better. Wendy went to Beijing for business trip today. Her flight was scheduled to depart at 12:00, but she was still in the Hong Qiao Airport around 3:30 PM. She chatted with me on MSN Messenger with XGAO’s SmartPhone + GPRS. It is due to the strong storm in Beijing airport. She was lucky that the plane left the airport before the strong storm in Shanghai. Now she has safely arrived in Beijing.

The rainy season will continue for several weeks.

P.S. I had dinner with old friend Maphis today. He shared some thoughts after running his own company for 2 years. He was both a computer genius and a good photographer. Check his fantastic photos of Jiuzhaigou. I have asked him to share more pictures with me so I can post them to my website soon. Among all the photos, I love this one most – it is the most beautiful place in China.

Photo provided by: Maphis Cheng (Xiang CHENG) Copyright © 2002 Maphis Cheng. Used with permission.

His pictures are more beautiful than my Daocheng pictures.

12 thoughts on “Shanghai Weather (TQ)

  1. This photo is shot from the opposite side of the last photo in your link to the shots from Maphis, and that looks great too !

    I’m capturing a lot of shots of the nature.

    I only wish that I could express the nature like he do !

  2. dont u write some news about UEFA EURO CUP?It’s so hot and so popular recent days!

  3. Rebecca, good suggestion. However, I am not a football fan. Many of my friends stayed late at night to watch the game becaue of the time difference.

  4. If you like to watch the yelling strong professional male players, then check out this page :

    I guess girls likes to watch this sport, my girlfriend is addicted too :-O

    Perhaps the big guys creates nice images in the girls fantasy !

    Guys, have you ever watched a women’s beach-volleyball game ?

    Then you know what I mean !

  5. I think the weather reporting of which you are using is seriously inaccurate… Case in point: I’m located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Time now is 12.22pm (June 26). The weather outside my window is hazy & cloudy, temp reading is 29.6 degree C. reported “Partly sunny at 28 degree C” while reported “Thunder storm at 31 degree C”!


  6. I think that’s very easy to create a dynamic picture of Shanghai Weather.

    Although There are many ways to create and serve it, .NET Framework + GDI+ is not a bad choice, :P. I often use my blog’s headline as my signature picture on many forums.

    That’s ku, if a kid wanna public something on Internet, he(she) do not have got to study XML (can they?), hehe, just paint a picture using the mspaint.exe and drag-and-drop what he(she) need (maybe the current time from the system tray… ) on it…

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