Typhoon Not Hits Shanghai (Yet)

According to forecast, the worst Typhoon in recent history will hit Shanghai last night to this morning. I did prepared well in advance – closing all windows, check every object that is movable in garden, and plan for alternative of transportation.

This morning, I wake up early (as everyday in the recent weeks) at 5:45 AM. To my great surprise, nothing happened. There is even no rain. Looking east, I can even manage to see the location of the Sun. It is not windy – everything is exactly as normal days.

Where is the typhoon?

5 thoughts on “Typhoon Not Hits Shanghai (Yet)

  1. I’m in Ningbo and I also didn’t see the sign of the typhoon.

    Maybe the typhoon headed to the inland area instead of the coast.

  2. But yesterday afternoon was pretty nasty, I had no idea how hard the rain could hit the road, and I was on my way to pick up my new bought Sagitar, when I arrived in there, I couldn’t believe what I saw in the whole car storage plaza on Wuzhong road. Nearly a hundred cars of both Volkswagen and BMW were almost half soaked, my babe Sagitar’s wheels were half buried in the rain water already, and I made a quick decision to drive them home, which means I had to plead to the sales person to take off his shoes and curled up pants legs(the rain fall depth around 30cm) and drove my babe out of the “pool”. The reason that I had to pick up the car home right yesterday was I remembered in August, 2005 when another typhoon hit Shanghai and soaked Buick Excells and all those cars were sold with 30% of the price off, but very few people found out about the nasty deal. You never wanted to be one of that victims.

    So I say Typhoon hit me right on the road already, and guys, safe driving!

  3. Hi Jianshuo. Wow, my husband and I got back to Singapore just in time! Our flight took off as planned at 5pm yesterday, and we arrived in Singapore at 9+ pm with very little turbulence.

    Shanghai is really a very interesting place. There are many beautiful buildings which remind me of Chicago. We saw people from different parts of China. And the culture in Shanghai is so diversified. Of course, the shopping was great too. I would certainly want to visit Shanghai again.

    Okay, I’ll share more of my Shanghai trip experience with you later. Perhaps in other threads on this blog. Keep in touch! *:)

  4. Sorry for not coming for a few days.

    It is windy in Guangzhou now,but the wind is not strong,and the temperature is high outside for the hot sunshine.

    I am going to swim this afternoon in our school’s swiming pool,and it is free.See you.

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