Sun Rise Observation in Shanghai

From WolframAlpha, I know today, the sun rises at 5:08 AM. So I waked up earlier, and put myself to the top of my 18-story building, and wait for the sun rise. We are used to observe sun rise or sun set at sea, or on top of mountain, and now, observe it from on of the top floors of a skyscraper in Shanghai provides a nice alternative.

I am actually amazed by how accurate the prediction is (well, it is not weather, and for sure people can predict it). When I am going to the take the photo below, my alarm clock set at 5:08 started to ring.

You see the sun coming out a little bit to about 1/3 above the ground.


The whole sun comes out of the horizon.

Immediately after the sun rise, the big Pudong area shows up.

Finally, 1 hours later, it is the starting of another beautiful day.


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