The World of Leadership of Management

I was in the world of Linux, and C.

Then I entered the world of Windows and project management.

Then the current world is about leadership and management.

I shifted in these worlds consistently, and frequently.

My friends change along the way.

I had Linus, Apple, C++ as my friends,

then I had new friends named MSDN, Don Box and TechNet.

In the recent years, on my bookshelf are Druker, and Welch.

They are all great minds in this world.

That’s my world, changing world.

2 thoughts on “The World of Leadership of Management

  1. pls add another name: Henry Mintzberg!

    还有一位日本人,大前研一,management guru

  2. The world of you is strange to me. I really envy the industry which you are engaged in and the results which you have got. Managing more perfectly can show the complex quality of a leader. So management is also a kind of art. I wish you and your team much good luck in your world.

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