Yifan’s Story about Kindergarten

Yifan has been in Kindergarten for few weeks. Here are two stories about his Kinderkarten life. I promise they are interesting stories.

“Exactly Like Kindergarten”

One day we went to a restaurant with Yifan. Yifan has a big dish of food in front of him.

He played all the time when everyone finished the meal. Yifan didn’t ate too much.

One hour later, we decided to leave. We paid the bill, and the waiter began to clean up the table, and removed his dish.

Yifan yelled to the waiter: “I haven’t finished yet! I haven’t finished yet!”

When the waiter smiled and apologized and returned his dish, he said this to his mom:

“I haven’t finished. They took my dish away. Exactly like kindergarten!”

Hey! Wait…. Everyone started to know a little bit about Yifan’s poor kindergarten life. We laughed for quite some time. Poor kid, although we all agree that the kindergarten is doing the right thing – discipline about time.

“I Waited!”

The other day, I asked Yifan about his kindergarten life. Here is the conversation (Y for Yifan, and D for dad).

D: How’s your day in kindergarten.

Y: I played.

D: Did you played seesaw?

Y: No. I didn’t.

D: Why?

Y: They didn’t allow me to play.

D: Did you wait in line?

Y: No. I didn’t.

D: You cannot cut into line. You need to wait.

Y: I waited!

D: Then did they allowed you to play?

Y: Yes. They did.

D: Then did you enjoyed the seesaw?

Y: No. I didn’t.

D: How come?

Y: Both of them left. Only me!


Then I took the golden opportunity to teach Yifan the importance of a good friend.

5 thoughts on “Yifan’s Story about Kindergarten

  1. This story has made me think something interesting (to me, but maybe not to others) about memories. Long before I even became a teenager, I had stopped being able to remember things that happened to me in Kindergarten. Yet now, more than 30 years after they took place, I can clearly remember things that happened to my own children in Kindergarten (which, surely they themselves have long-since forgotten) Yifan would probably remember today, and also tomorrow, something that happened to him yesterday. And if you kept talking about it and reminding him, he would probably remember it for much longer than that. It seems somehow “backwards” to me that when we are young and our brains are supposedly not so full of “stuff”, memories do not seem to last as long as they do when we are older. Hmmm…I wonder if I am too old to begin seriously studying how the brain works so I can better understand this :-)

  2. Me seems the same. Just look at Yifan and study his life, we understand that in his brain, there is not many things – he has a pure world with just some important (very important to him) stuff – where is dad, where is mom, when to go out for a walk, whether need to go to kindergarten, where is the candy, and how many I eat today… He pays to every details and remember all the details that we forget. One day, I even think of this: maybe he don’t understand the meaning of most words Wendy and I talked about (about business, and movie, and society), his world is very different from ours.

  3. Yifan said the phrase ‘Exactly like kindergarten’, which could be what he was thinking of in his mind at that time, because he possibly supposed that he went out to dinner only for getting rid of the kindergarten’s life and usually he has little time to play outside. So eating at a restaurant should be his amusement’s time and non-discipline’s time. Having a meal becomes more unimportant to him in fact.

    Saying ‘I waited’ shows he is a good boy. Other two boys left after playing. Of course they did as they had enjoyed the seesaw and gotten contented. So they let Yifan to wait and left him alone after finishing playing the seesaw. They are also good children. If they accompanied him to sit on the seesaw, they both are the best boys of three. Their behaviors may be just childish nature.

    How time flies! Two years has pasted and Yifan has grown a little. Fraction of his life records his growth’s process. A little progress that he makes everyday causes you to feel happy.

    We can’t help to smile indeed after reading the two stories.

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