12 thoughts on “Role of a People Manager

  1. Looks more complex.

    Inspiration, coaching, especially there is not easy to get right people, most cases are too expensive than you can pay.

  2. Sometimes, it makes sense to find not so right people, then train them to be the right people. The obvious right people are already taken in the market.

  3. what is your strategy IF the person refuse to “shut up”? he/she just feel like going against anything he/she sees… Maybe that is so-called freedom of expression.


  4. @jqian, and @Jeff, that is exactly what I learn from the role of people manager – to get the right people at the first place is the most important thing in organization, not the other way around.

  5. Shutup is for the manager. A manager should never micromanage someone, and should always get out of the way of the people, and allow them to try their best to archive the goal, not orders from managers.

  6. if you cannot find right person in short time, you have to coach/train people in hand. so training/coaching must be part of the role. Perfection always goes with luck.

  7. JS your strategy is right.

    Albert Einstein once said:

    To be successful one needs to:

    Work hard

    Play hard

    and Shut up

  8. I agree with the three steps. I guess the third step means making a resolution, especially a great one in a juncture point. But sometimes a manager will suffer a great deal from pain when he is resolving. Giving a true order is often related to the leader’s quality and effectively realizing it needs qualified staff. However, the manager seems more important than his clerks.

    Actually I don’t much know about what you are engaged in now. It’s only what I am thinking.

  9. I think getting the right men is not as easy as you said . Training or retraining new employees is one of the most important duties for manager .

  10. I think your theory looks good on paper, first of all, there is no such thing as “right person for the right place”, only the continuous support and cultivation from the management will enable the stuff to gain job satisfation and excel in their work.

  11. According to me the role of the people manager also includes

    * understanding the strength and weakness of your own team members

    * start providing guidance to the member to improve his weak area

    * do some macro tracking else people will be more relaxed about their own deliverables

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