March 14 Activities

I don’t like to record what I did everyday so the blog entry will be very boring. This is an exception.

Buying FIAT Siena

I spent several hours in the car store of FIAT. I still didn’t make up my mind. Although I heard a lot of advice to choose either VW, or GM, GM is just too oil consuming and VW is too expensive, especially for the spare parts. Well. Almost all the doors to get a foreign car plate have been closed today. It seems the only choice for me is a Shanghai plate.

The Other End of the Maglev


© Jian Shuo Wang. Long Yang Road. Station of Maglev

The picture above was taken yesterday at around 5:00 PM when a Maglev train just left the Longyang Rd. Station, heading to the Pudong Airport.

Shock Wave Jiang

Unlike the MZM shockwave, which caused server down due to extremely high volume, the recent shock wave Jiang destroyed many sites completely and may continue to bring down more site. It is so dangerous that I am not brave enough to spell out the whole name. Yesterday, when I search the Chinese name of Jiang in Google, my access to Google was broken immediately and I cannot visit Google any more in the next five minutes. After the annoying five minutes, I can use Google again, until I attempted to search for the sensitive keyword. It seems the ban has been lifted today.

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