Jian Shuo Got His Car

Breaking News: Jian Shuo Wang drove his first car home tonight.

It is one of my quickest decisions in my life. I rushed to the car dealer of Yong Da tonight and drove my FIAT Siena home. It is brand new, 99900 RMB in price. The model is Siena 1.5 HL. I will post pictures of the car tomorrow.

I put 130 RMB for the first can of oil today. The 93# oil is 3.27 RMB/L and I got 40.2L. Just to keep a record to see how much oil it consumes.

So far, so good.

21 thoughts on “Jian Shuo Got His Car

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! on the purchase of your new car. I hope it offers you years of good service! It’s a good idea to keep a record to see how much oil (gasoline?) it consumes, this is a good indication of how things are working in the engine. I look forward to seeing the pictures of your new car!

  2. Woooo! Congratulations, Jian Shuo :-) I feel like we’ve been with you from the beginning of this process — learning how to drive, getting your license, renting cars for weekend outings, now this final accomplishment. I’m sure you are very thrilled to have such an exciting new “toy”, and if you can get someone else to take a picture of you with it there will be a really big smile on your face :D

  3. Hi!

    I’ve been browsing your website for some months now. I set up the goal of having one personal site per country in the world to browse and share with my friends. Also have the goal to engage communication with the site’s author. Today I take that step with you because you just stroke a key i totally identified with.

    Your first exciting car, is a FIAT! well, mine was a FIAT PANDA, back in 1995 (years run fast!) Also, my dad’s first car was FIAT 127 (back in 1971). Both were 0.9, while your car is 1.5!!! don’t know what a FIAT SIENNA is, probably a different name for the european PUNTO or STILO.

    Well, I’m Andre, from Portugal. And I’ll be posting more comments soon, if you don’t mind. And I’ll be back to see that picture…

    (do you know Portugal, the most western european country?)

  4. It is great! Congratulations on your first and new car!

    As you probably know, in US most people’s first cars are used cars. They got their first cars either from used car dealers or their parents. They then buy new cars when they are ready to switch to their second cars. I still remebeer how happy I was when I bought my first used car and then later the new one. Now you combine those two together, I guess you must be super happy:-)

    Couldn’t wait to see the pictures.

    A question: Where do you park your car? I know many apartment complex and comercial buildings don’t have parking facility. Could it be a problem?

  5. Congratulations. I hope parking and driving in Shanghai doesn’t drive you insane too quickly. :)

    English tip:

    “oil” and “gasoline” (“petrol” in British English) are not the same thing.

  6. Congratulations…..great to share ur happiness…..wishing u the very best for ur new car…..hope u and ur wife hava great time…..btw here in India (Bangalore to be precise…where i work) a Fiat Siena 1.6 ELX costs the equivalent of 119970 RMB

  7. 43,100 RMB (1 USD ~= 8.3 RMB) is needed for a car plate in Shanghai (this month) … so expensive. :(

  8. 在菲亚特?#27966;力奥轿车中国上市两周年之际,南京菲亚特酝酿近一月之久的?#24778;雷行动?#27491;式启动。3月17日上午10点,南京菲亚特在北京、广州、成都和南京四地同时召开新闻发布会,宣布从3月18日起,菲亚特?#27966;力奥、西耶那、周末风三大系列轿车全面大幅降价,平均降价1万多元,降幅达到12%;其中最高降幅为菲亚特?#21608;末风(1.3SGELX)从14.29万元降至12.19万元,降幅高达2.1万元。

  9. Anyway, I will congratulate you on got your own car! Enjoy your life! :) I still can’t see any hope when I can got my car. :(

  10. The price of the car is just like the price of the computer hardware several years ago, maybe it’s also like that of the fresh fruits.

    but what more important is you’ve enjoyed it.

  11. Hi, I also want to buy a car, as I am shifting to Shanghai in the new year 2006. What is the Price,and License formalities – I should budget? Do you recommenda second hand car or New car? because there is a big hassle for the license plate!!!!!!!

  12. Congratulation I saw yours picture car.

    I told you that i already wikll by Siena car when it arrived in egypt

    I want know any new about the car engine , gasoliine and service

    Dr. Selim

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