Puxi is not Car Friendly

I drove my new car in Xujiahui and felt very happen when I was on the road – the traffic is not as bad as working days. However, I am so frustrated when I attempted to park the car.

I went along the Panyu Road (near Huashan Rd.) in Xujiahui. The road is very narrow and parking is not considered at all during the design pharse of the road. I felt bad to pull my car over and stop it just on the road – many cars do it since temperory parking is allowed on the road, but it affects the traffic greatly. I tried to drive the car onto the sidewalk. This brought trouble to the pedestrian on the sidewalk. Anyway, it is the best I can do in this crowded and narrow space. With the car, I want to “Escape” to Pudong ASAP. In the new area, you can easily find free parking everywhere.

6 thoughts on “Puxi is not Car Friendly

  1. Hope you’ll settle down in Pudong soon…

    Wonder how much a monthly parking permit costs at Metro City?

  2. Yes a lot of the smaller streets in Puxi are ill suited for cars. One of the gentlemen who drove me around, lived in the Tongji professor’s village and had to park his car the next street over because there was no parking immediately near his residence. He drove a larger GM vehicle which seemed harder to negotiate in the tight streets of Shanghai. One of the highlights of my trip to China was the four of us being driven by Mr. Zhao to Hangzhou to see the Lingyin Temple and Westlake it was very beautiful over there.

  3. Can you still legally park your car on the sidewalks in Shanghai now?

    Three years ago I was a bit shocked when I saw my friend drove his car right onto a sidewalk and parked it next a sign which indicated that no bicycle was allowed to park :-) Then I thought that the regulation would be changed very soon to remove such unfair privilege from the car owners…

  4. Parking on the sidewalk is always illegal in Shanghai, even in all of China. But whether you will get a ticket from a policeman is upon his mood.:-)

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