Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Here are some of my photos in 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Jian Shuo Wang in 2003, Xiamen

Jian Shuo Wang in 2004, Shanghai

Jian Shuo Wang in 2005, Shanghai

Jian Shuo Wang in 2006, Australia

Jian Shuo Wang in 2007, Cambodia

Jian Shuo Wang in 1998, Beijing

Jian Shuo Wang in 2001, Shanghai

Jian Shuo Wang in 2002, Seatle

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Happy Birthday, Jianshuo! Have a good time celebrating this special day!(First birthday since being a father)

  2. Jianshuo, hope you have a happy birthday! i am still impressed how we celebrated your 28th birthday at Kijiji, what a sweet small team! i miss you all.

    a teasing: you didn’t mean you were right now in Cambodia, did you? otherwise, don’t cross that border to its northern neighbor, you know what’s going on there…

  3. Gotta leave a message here~

    On behalf of all English-reading Chinese here(i dont’ have the permission?doesn’t matter)

    Happy Birthday!!!

  4. hey dude, Happy Birthday… guess this year really signify a new journey in your life where you have a family member (your son) to celebrate your birthday.

    Again… Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday Hugs from here, Jian Shuo. May the year to come hold good health, good fortune, and much happiness for you :-)

  6. Jian Shuo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wishing you a great year of love, joy and peace and prosperity ahead!

    God bless,


  7. Thanks for your wonderful blog esp on the trains in China. Because of your Blog, I am able to convince my hubby to travel on the train in China during our trip in Nov.

    Have a wonderful year ahead, esp being a daddy for the first year!!



  8. Hello Jian Shuo,

    It’s good that you can afford the luxury of celebrating your age.

    I feel the pinch every second of my progress towards my conclusion.

    Best wishes from this sourpuss.

    Live long and prosper.

  9. Life doesn’t stop but leaves us many good memories and the opportunity everyday to get some more!

    The best and no less…

    Feliz cumpleaƱos! From Mexico City!

  10. Happy (belated) Birthday! The photos are a nice touch, quick glimpse into some of the things that you’ve done in the last few years.

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