Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me. It is my 29th birthday.

Thanks for Henry, Grace, Xiaofeng, Hengge, Robert, Xiaoxiong, Edward and Wendy to be at dinner with me. Wonderful friends, and wonderful gathering.

P.S. I found every birthday, I started the entry with “Happy brithday to me. It is my ??th brithday”, and the number just changed from 25, to 26, 27, 28 and 29…

Happy Birthday to Me in 2002

Happy Birthday to Me in 2003

Happy Birthday to Me in 2004

Happy Birthday to Me in 2005

Happy Birthday to Me in 2006

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  2. Oh, and it’s already “tomorrow” now where you are, so I’m late with these good wishes! Belated Happy Birthday, Jian Shuo — I am sending you 29 smiles, and 29 hugs, and 29 hopes for a very happy year ahead.

    And, I have a funny story to tell you. Today when I met with a group of International students on the campus where I work, we started talking about food from their countries, and how they felt about the food we have here. One girl from China commented that it has been difficult for her to get used to eating uncooked vegetables like we always have in salads. I told them about my friend in Shanghai who accused me of feeding him “rabbit food” — they laughed for a very long time about that!

    So, at least I was thinking about you today, even if I forgot to wish you a good celebration!

  3. Happy Birthday Mr.Wang. May you have more birthdays to come!

    Thank you for sharing your blog to us.”Sharing is Caring” that’s my 11 year old

    daughter’s sort of Mantra, and i believe yours, too.

  4. Can’t believe u r just 29. I thought u were 40’s previously. The truth inspirit me a lot.

    Happy birthday to u, Jianshuo!

  5. Happy birthday! You’re getting closer to your 30’s! Personally, I think things just get better with age. ;-)

  6. ahh, another year goes by – happy birthday may you fully enjoy the last bit of your 20’s..!

  7. Though it is too late for me to say “Happy Birthday”.But wish you good luck in the coming years and have a good mood.

  8. Happy birthday to you from Switzerland. I just discovered your very interesting!!! As a “Shanghai-China-Chinese-Fan” you give me important information.

    Whish you all the best!!


  9. Haha, happy birthday. I can’t believe you are just my age. Just start to see your blog. I know that my friend’s friend is your friend. Then I know my husband’s friend is a friend of your friend. oops, sorry about the complicated relationships. Anyway, it is not surprising because I staied in Shanghai for my first 22 years and went to sjtu as well. Your blog is great, together with your wife’s. The pages show up very fast as I try to open in U.S. But I have to say, it is a little bit not user friendly. I actually know your blog 3 yrs ago, but just after I really sit back and enjoy your words this year, when I start to read your blog more often. Previously, I just felt the blog’s setting is more geek’s type. Concise, but confusing. I mean, after I got used to it, I think it is great. But it took me 3 yrs:) Maybe because I left shanghai for some years, now I feel I am like to know shanghai through your blog. I still can not believe that I start to read your english blog and try to know the life there, my hometown, like a foreigner. But just want to say thanks a lot, and I really enjoy your blog and like your life style.

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