Two Cats in my Garden

I saw the two cats in my garden again. Poor little pets! The winter came and they don’t have a place to stay. They were very cold in the morning wind. I guess they are abandoned since I frequently saw them in my garden. Wendy took picture (I, II) of them last month, when it was pretty warm.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Above: The baby cat hide under its month’s body to keep warm.

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

Above: I gave them some cookie and they enjoyed it very much.

Later, I setup a temp home for them with a big box. After I arrived home, I found the two little cats have settled down in the paper box. It is by any means better than nothing. The boxes protected them from cold winter wind.

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  1. Try to avoid giving any kind of sugar or sweets, especially chocolate. But they always love meat and fish leftovers =)

  2. They both look quite healthy so the mother must have been foraging successfully. I think that when they tell you their names, you will understand that they have adopted you :)

  3. Update: Wendy got up early and prepared some meat for the two cats this morning and put it on a plate for the two little cats. They enjoyed the rice soup (with enough rice) yesterday night. Wendy wondered: “Do cats like rice? I remember they only love meat and fish bone”. Maybe they liked rice only because they were too hungry.

  4. That was nice of you guys. I have a cat myself. This summer we fed 2 cats and 1 kitten that hung around our compound.

    Homeless cats are usually less picky than a well fed cat. I just wanted to emphized that sweets are big no-no’s. Chocolate can be fatal =( If you have any scraps from preparing dinner like meat or fish you can always give those. Don’t forget water ;)

  5. It seems I cannot feed they anything I like – chocalate, milk, sweet… and I have to give they something I don’t like, like fish… :D

    Thanks everyone. They seem to be famous cats now. I hope one day, when I settle down everything (their new wood home, their finally agreement to settle down in my garden….), I can put a camera broadcasting the happy life of the two cats.

  6. You are such a kind-heart man.I found your web by accident this afternoon,when I was founding a word-“zapata”,I was directed to here.Although I know nothing about you,your life,your friend and so on,but I like here,I have added your link to my blog,so I will get here easier from now on^_^

  7. Aaawww, that’s so sweet of you and Wendy! I love cats…too bad, I don’t have a pet cat here in Shanghai. Cats are fun to be with and you’ll really enjoy their company. :-)

  8. Hi, I just saw your Nov 4 posting on the 2 cats and cannot resist writing. Wendy and You both have kind hearts. I am glad they walked into the right garden even if it was to hide from the wind.

    My family and I have always believed that when cats/dogs come to your home by themselves, it will bring you good luck especially when you return in kindness by deed to them. There is a Buddhist saying:- “Probably in your past life, they must have helped you before, which is why now, in turn, you have an opportunity to help them back.” However, if you are a Christian, please do not take offense at this sentence. I am just trying to highlight that you are doing a very kind and compassionate deed :-)

    However, if you have decided to include Huahua and mummy as part of your family nucleus, the food you feed is important. The best as what Carsten said is dry cat food because I used to have a cat and we fed him rice plus chicken and fish for many years. After about 10yrs, we realised that the lack of certain nutrients in the diet caused him to have health problems. Aftr consulting a vet, we switched to proper cat food in can form (as it was softer and more suitable for an older cat with medical problems) and that helped him relief most of the health problems trememdously.

    Cats are very loving and intelligent animals. If they used to be strays whereby they have experienced hunger and bad treatment from strangers before. They will know how to appreciate your kind gestures. They will bring lots of joy and laughter into your family as you get to know them better.

    Wishing Wendy and you lots of fun and joy in caring for them !

    Lotus :-)

  9. If the baby is Huahua, the mother can be Daodao, or if you like Lotus’s words, call her Lucky.

    I went to the supermarket to read the labels for the dry catfoods and cans, basically they use leftover products or byproducts of the grain and meat processing industry, a mixture of many things which then makes the foods multinutritional. I was disappointed for not being able to extract more concrete information.

  10. Hi JS, did you mean to type “mother” (instead of “month”) under the first picture mean? i am just a little confused.. :)

  11. Really cute cats and thanks for looking after strays!

    I feel domestic animals lead a harder life in China than in many countries, a lot of the older generation do not have respects for animal lives. All animals are treated as property and not a life.

    I saw a few thin and hungry cats in SH recently. I hope pet owners will also take the resposibility of nutering their pets, so they can not breed in the wild and cause lots of newborn lives to suffer.

  12. hi all

    i hope the cats are still doing fine , i have a 5 year old cat and have had 2 kittens 6 months old for a week now they where gotton from a farm and are semi feral so fingers crossed they do fine , i hope yours do as well good luck to you and wendy love and hugs cheryl from scotland. xxxxxxxx

  13. oo que tierno el gatitos muy lindo que traducido a imngles significa i love cats very very much…!!! (k)

  14. Hi my is name leigh Russell I’m from Sydney Australia N.S.W, I’m wondering were you find the big cat from as he or she looks like my cat sam I’m tell it could be his brother, sam is 10 year’s old please get to back to me as soon as possiable we could be related I Hope you are english spoke to understand this message.

    My E-mail is

  15. I am that there are people like you in this world who likes cats. I think what you did is so nice.

    God Bless You

  16. Awwww those cats are soooo cute!!! Keep them with you, they will be great friends for you. I have 3 cats and they love yogurt, milk, raw chicken and ground beef (of course) and I always change their food so they don’t get bored of the same food, never seems to be a problem. they are Costarican cats, the 3 of them were stray cats. I think it’s so weird and not really nice people that buy cats or dogs, there are so many poor animals in the streets and shelters that need love and a home, since when life is a business? Not right.

  17. Hi, I only stumbled upon your website by chance :), but thanks for your kind deeds! I love animals, cats especially, and it’s nice to know that somewhere out there somebody is taking care of them too :).

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