Sleeping Cats

The happy (and lucky) cats sleep in the Sun. I cannot help posting it here. Sweet little thing!


© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

I read a slogan at Ichiban Ra-Mei, “Your happiness of eating our Ra-Mei makes us happy”. I guess they are happy not only because customers enjoy their food, they enjoy getting paid for it better.

The slogan works better for me. The happiness of the two cats for eating what I feed them makes me happy – no matter they pay or not.

P.S. One Year for

Run issued the one year memorial stamps for his group blog site


Image in courtesy of Run Liu

Congrats Run, Linda, Bw, Vivian, Angela, Kevin, Charles and Bear

8 thoughts on “Sleeping Cats

  1. Nice kitty pix :)

    Don’t forget to drop into Nekotama while you’re in Tokyo if you want to see what a dog and cat zoo looks like!

  2. Please keep posting the cats photos … and thank you for looking after those cats. I salute you on behalf of all the cat lovers in the world.

    I think how you handle the cats says a lot about you. You’re a good guy Jian Shuo.


  3. Hey Jian Shuo,

    Who is going to look after the cats while you’re in the States? I hope you made all necessary arrangements.

    Sorry I can’t help it … I’m a huge cat lover.


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