I will be in Beijing on April 9

I am going to Beijing from April 8th, to April 10th.

Currently, my noon to late night of April 9th is booked, and have other meet-up pending for confirmation.

If you want to meetup, please drop a line to me via email (jianshuo at hotmail dot com), leave a comment below, or twitter to me at jianshuo.

I will also hold a Wangjianshuo’s Blog Meetup in Shangri-la hotel lobby, and you are welcome to join from 4:00 – 5:00 PM of April 9th. I will be there. If you want to join, you are very welcome. No registration or confirmation needed. However, my guess is, I will be the only person sitting there with my laptop or my new Moleskine on my lap, and writing something myself. Every time, I just expect that no one will actually show up for my blog meetup, because of some obvious reasons (before was commonly because very short notice period, and this time, because the time and venue are not the most popular choice). But every time, some people come (sometimes just two or three). Check out my previous meetups.

At night, I am very looking forward to the YLF dinner in Beijing. Many people will join. I missed the dinner in Shanghai, and will definitely catch this one in Beijing.

A Peek Inside Someone’s Travel Notebook

A Peek Inside My Travel Notebook, originally uploaded by yusheng.

This is a very interesting notebook with nice travel tips. I am going to create a one page for every travel I am going to make. Moleskine helps people to get back to paper age. Internet and computer are still far less convenient than paper and pen, and becomes very successful as a company itself. The success is admirable.

OK. I will start my travel page from page 200 of my Moleskine.

Here are more other people’s itinerary or planning using a Moleskine:

Image by retro traveler

Image by songlines

Image by JustaPlaneRideAway

P.S. Online is just a Simple Form of Offline

When I dig into details of the Moleskine community, I found out it is as interesting, if not more, as the blogger community. They are even more creative. Especially people who travel. They use Moleskine as a blog (they keep journals), and even as a twitter.

They share great tips – much better than many blog tip. Here is an example, and here.

I Bought a Moleskine

I hopelessly fall in love with Moleskine notebook in two days, and before I believe it, I becomes a Moleskine fan.

Although Moleskine has many details of good design and good craftsmanship, it is the usage of Moleskine, and the Moleskine community that attracts me most.

Look at these nice scratches on a Moleskine by those Moleskine owners! It is maybe like Flickr – not only the system, but also who uses it that makes flickr attractive.

Image by renmeleon

Image by hanssolo.

Image by imwithsully

Here is mine:

Image by Jian Shuo Wang

10 Years from 32151, Automation, SJTU

My old classmate Gong Liang sent us an email to remind us to return to Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) on April 11, 2009 – it is the official “Get Back to School” day of SJTU. More than that, it is 10 years since we graduate from university. It brought my memory back to the class 32151 of Automation Department of SJTU.

10 years. I changed a lot in the last 10 years, and the time as a student in Shanghai Jiao Tong University seems to be very far from me. At that time, there was no blog, no digital camera, and there was plenty of time. I am not a good student when I was in university – I may talk about it when I am in the mood of getting back to old days…

My office now is still on the campus of the university, but only today, I suddenly realized that I have ever studied here 10 years ago – think about how long the 10 years are.

Yes. I am getting back to Min Hang campus on April 11. If there is any other alumni who go back to Minhang Campus, please let me know, and let’s schedule some time to know each other and talk.

Here is a list of names of classmates. I read the names of each person, and, ops, for some, I had a hard time to remember… We didn’t contact each other after graduation (to be more exactly, I intentionally isolate myself from others). Hope April 11, 2009 is an opportunity to reconnect to my old friends.


段晓文   陈黛    曲波    吴立纲   周捷

张铭    王锋    魏海滨   梅佳予   王晔

朱元晨   殷重先   宗锐    周珉    王怡靖

周俊威   刘冬清   王建硕   马劲    柴海林

张宜    何宇升   钱江    黄学    朱顺波

张震    宫 亮   陈汇钢


言玮    万洁卉   刘枫    王治    杨永

赵翊捷   潘炜    金东    吴文翔   刘毅

方圆海   徐军    顾军    池纪锋   费嘉亮

向阳    王凌云   王茂华   张江红   王昊鹏

赵家佳   潘正    陈波    徐光业   陈旻

张华    尹启龙   冯传正   


桑伟数   何育敏   王爱华   朱磊    冯玮

张敏毅   周纪    赵海峰   陈德嵘   俞清

叶凌    李炜    赵晋    池永华   蔡峰峰

李晓冬   陈昶    甘泉    卢会来   祁江

于祖强   冼旭和   盛浩军   杨添龙   郑鸿