A Peek Inside Someone’s Travel Notebook

A Peek Inside My Travel Notebook, originally uploaded by yusheng.

This is a very interesting notebook with nice travel tips. I am going to create a one page for every travel I am going to make. Moleskine helps people to get back to paper age. Internet and computer are still far less convenient than paper and pen, and becomes very successful as a company itself. The success is admirable.

OK. I will start my travel page from page 200 of my Moleskine.

Here are more other people’s itinerary or planning using a Moleskine:

Image by retro traveler

Image by songlines

Image by JustaPlaneRideAway

P.S. Online is just a Simple Form of Offline

When I dig into details of the Moleskine community, I found out it is as interesting, if not more, as the blogger community. They are even more creative. Especially people who travel. They use Moleskine as a blog (they keep journals), and even as a twitter.

They share great tips – much better than many blog tip. Here is an example, and here.

7 thoughts on “A Peek Inside Someone’s Travel Notebook

  1. Great. But I don’t see the Moleskine notebook in the market.

    Where we can find it?

  2. Convenience is the power !

    Internet and computer are less convenient than paper and pen sometimes.

    I made a simple version by myself -:)

    So DIY now ,if it is not convenient to buy !

  3. MOLESKINE notebooks are distributed in many countries of the world. Select your country to find the list of the main stores. If you’d rather buy online, select your country from the menu here by and see a list of webstores. http://bytesland.com SE helped me in the search of such places.

  4. I agree, its very hard to find the Moleskine notebook in the market. I have been searching for it for a while now but no luck in finding it.


    Danny from jak poderwac laske

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