I Bought a Moleskine

I hopelessly fall in love with Moleskine notebook in two days, and before I believe it, I becomes a Moleskine fan.

Although Moleskine has many details of good design and good craftsmanship, it is the usage of Moleskine, and the Moleskine community that attracts me most.

Look at these nice scratches on a Moleskine by those Moleskine owners! It is maybe like Flickr – not only the system, but also who uses it that makes flickr attractive.

Image by renmeleon

Image by hanssolo.

Image by imwithsully

Here is mine:

Image by Jian Shuo Wang

12 thoughts on “I Bought a Moleskine

  1. Why don’t you show a colorful picture of your Moleskine notebook? I just want to see the colorful pages under the black cover. Looking forward to your great works!

  2. And I just noticed now the time here is one hour ealier than Beijing time. So winter goes, and spring is coming?

  3. I am a fan too, even though I don’t use it regularly.

    I’ve always been amazed how an italian company could make such an huge success in this times of paperless information and memories…

  4. haha.. it’s just an organizer note book. i use a diary organizer for that. A PDA is also as good, emm better.

  5. I love my moleskine too! I bought more than one because I wanted one for sketching and needed an annual calendar (that still needs to be replaced for 2009!). You are so lucky to have found moleskine in Shanghai…I looked and looked but finally ended up ordering from a HK moleskine website. All the different varieties of moleskine are what make it so fun and personal. I can’t wait until they make a city guide of SH, surely it’s only a matter of time before they add it to the list of available cities. The photos you share make me want to take drawing lessons so I can fill my book up!

  6. An over glorified notebook. Holding the book don’t make you an artist or a writer. Some people got creative in it, but the majority a still holding on an empty wad of paper.

    I can’t believe you got conned into buying a product created from nothing but a lie, made in China, and sold at ridiculously inflated prices.

    The artwork you so admire are the talents of the fans. They could have done the same anywhere. Van Gogh painted on a canvas, I don’t see people becoming fans of blank canvases.

    Thats marketing for you.

  7. Hi Jianshuo,

    How did you go with you Moleskin? :)

    I am trying to sketch every day and hopefully I can create something in 2010.



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