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Wendy sent me email asking about how to book China domestic flight.

Thanks for your great website. I am taking a trip to Fuzhou via Shanghai. I think I probably need to spend a night in Shanghai as I will be arriving at Pudong at 8:35pm on that day. Would you be kind enough to let me know the flight schedule from Pudong to Fuzhou for airlines such as Air China, Xiamen Air, or China Eastern Airlines? Also, do you have any other hotel recommendations other than Jin Jiang Inn that are close to the airport.

Here was my answer (modified)

Thanks for your comment. Regarding the flight from Shanghai to Fuzhou, the routine information is not available on U.S. travel website like Expedia.com. Here is the list I got from China domestic travel agencies:

….. detailed flight information in Chinese cut ……

I also have friends in travel agency and I you need, I can ask him to book flight for you if you want.

Regarding Hotel, it is hard to say – it depends on your budget. I don’t suggest you to stay in the Jin Jiang Inn – it is not convinient at all. You can try hotels near the central Shanghai – let me know your budget so I can recommend. You can get very good hotel at about 80RMB and low-end price is about 15USD.

Book flight in China

China uses seperate air ticket booking system different from that used in U.S and Europe. Here is a list of major airline ticket distribution system.

Code English Name Scope





1J AXESS Japan


1T TOPAS Korea



Credit: Thanks for the Ruizhi BBS

When I try to search flight from SHA (Shanghai Pudong Int’l) to FOC (Fuzhou), Expedia reported:

No Matching Flights Found


No flights were found between Shanghai, China (SHA-All Airports) and Fuzhou, China (FOC) that matched your request.

You may want to change dates, departure times, destinations, or search options. Click the Change Search button below to go back and change options to perform a new search on Expedia.com, or click the Cancel button below to go back to home page.

It may because Expedia does not connect to the Ticket Reseller System in China so they don’t know the existance of the ticket.

Book flight online

I am not sure how difficult people to book China domestic flights outside China. Is it impossible or just not easy? Please help me to understand that.

Updated: Book Ticket Online Made Easy July 31, 2003

Domestic Flight Information and Reservation on Pudong Airport website is ready.

Major cities

Beijing 北京
Chengdu 成都
Chongqing 重庆

Other cities

Changsha 长沙
Fuzhou 福州
Guilin 桂林
Guiyang 贵阳
Hangzhou 杭州 – No flight. Use buses or train.
Hefei 合肥
Huangshan 黄山
Jinan 济南
Jinjiang 晋江
Kunming 昆明
Lhasa 拉萨
Lianyungang 连云港
Lijiang 丽江
Liuzhou 柳州
Luoyang 洛阳
Nanchang 南昌Nanjing 南京 – No flight. use buses or train.
Nanning 南宁
Ningbo 宁波
Qingdao 青岛
Shantou 汕头
Shenyang 沈阳
Shenzhen 深圳
Shijiazhuang 石家庄
Taiyuan 太原
Tianjin 天津
Urumqi 乌鲁木齐
Weihai 威海
Wenzhou 温州
Wuhan 武汉
Wuhan 武汉
Wuyishan 武夷山
Xiamen 厦门
Xian 西安
Xishuangbanna 西双版纳
Xuzhou 徐州
Yantai 烟台
Yichang 宜昌
Zhengzhou 郑州

56 thoughts on “PVG: Book Domestic Flight in China

  1. Gary, thanks for the information. Their demostic price is not competitive. They offer 390 USD for single trip flight from Shanghai to Beijing. But do you know how much it costs to book here? It is only around 1000 RMB for full priced ticket. That is only about 110 USD. it can be cheaper when there is discount.

  2. I use the link below to check China demostic fight schedule, but it doesn’t have online book function.


    Normally when I make a transit in ShangHai, I buy air tickets in the airport. Is there any other way to get better deal for air tickets?


    Hi, Jian Shuo,

    When I searched for Shanghai airport, I found your web

    site. It is a very nice site. It has a lot useful

    information, too. I need to stay in shanghai for a

    night to make a fight transit. I found the inn you

    mention is a good option. I also found from Pu dong

    airport web site, there is “Ji shi Hotel” inside the

    Pu Dong Airport. Do you know any words about that

    hotel? Could you let me know?

    BTW, I tried to send email to you. But it failed.

  3. Hi Jian-Shuo,

    When you say “You can get very good hotel at about 80RMB and low-end price is about 15USD” I assume you meant 80 USD right?


  4. Jian-Shuo,

    This is just pure conincident that I am also looking for domestic flights from Shanghai to Fuzhou. My flight will arrive in Shanghai on 11/27 at 7:10pm, and I am wondering

    1) is it possible for me to catch a flight from Hongquiao at 9:00pm on the same evening? How much time does it take to travel between the two airports?

    2) Is it possible to book domestic tickets through you? My American travel agent has trouble with the domestic booking.

    3) If I need to stay overnight in Shanghai, which hotel would you recommend given my budget is limited?

    Thank you so much, and I really appreciate your help.


  5. thanks for all this information. i have been looking for info on flights from shanghai to xiamen and xiamen to beijing. appreciate your effort to put this information up online to help random people like me!

  6. i will go to shanghai from Ningbo by coach. do u know any budget hotel around xu Jia hui where the coach station is (211 hongqiao Rd)? So that i can take airport bus No.3 to Pudong airpot next day morning. my flight is at 950am.


  7. I got a deal from http://www.wacts.com fly from Shanghai to Kunming and return only cost USD 200 per person roundtrip. Public fare will be around USD 420 per person roundtrip.

  8. that url missing in my last note, here is it. They offer discount fares, even e-tickets, which are more cheaper than paper tickets

  9. Myself and 3 other family members will be going to China in June. I was wondering what to expect for flights from Beijing to Chengdu; Beijing to Changchun, and Chengdu to Changchun. Do I need to wait until I arrive in China to purchase tickets? Is it better to take a sleeper train to these cities? Any hotel suggestions?

    Thank you! Thank you!


  10. Dear Mr Wang,

    Good day to you.

    I’m from Singapore going to Shanghai & Beijing, would need your kind info on the following :

    01 June 2004- morning after departing with my tour at Shanghai, I’ll go to Beijing on my own to visit a friend. A travel agency quoted me CA950 Pudong/Beijing at 1pm flight for RMB900. Not sure if I book from the hotel counter on my first day 25 May, will it be cheaper?

    06 June 2004- My international flight from Pudong/Singapore at 10am. The earliest flight from Beijing/Pudong is 0740-0935, I don’t think I can make it. Kindly advise what is the easier/safest way to reach Pudong?

    I’ve thought of taking evening flight at US$126 on the

    05 June, which I’ve to hang overnight at Pudong airport.Any idea of the transit bed/luggage deposit service?

    Or, 05 June, I can take a train Beijng/Shanghai 1928-0726 at US$60. How do I get from Shanghai railway station to Pudong? What is the train fare if I buy at Beijing?

    Your kind assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Many thks….


  11. I want to book a flight from Hong Kong to Nanjing, departing around 5 Pm from Hong Kong. Can u please tell me where can i book this flight online ?

    Also, will it be cheaper to buy the ticket online or to go and buy it at the Hong Kong airport ?

  12. I am travelling with my family to Thailand and China in December – I would like information about flying from Beijing to Zhengzhou – one way only as we plan to return by overnight train. Can you give me web sites for internet booking these tickets – Thanks

  13. Hello,

    I can buy 1 ticket from Shanghai to Nanchang. Please tell me the price?

  14. Dear sir

    would you pls let me know about the domestic flights from shanghai to Yiwu


  15. hello i like to travel from hong kong to nanning

    dates are depart nov 12 04

    return nov 18,04

  16. Can you tell me how I can book a one way flight for 2 adults and a three year child from Hongkong to Nanning on Sunday 31 October? How much will it cost?

  17. Dear Wang Xiansheng…

    Just wanted to say what a good job you’re doing.

    I just started working at China Eastern London office, and I was hoping you would make a link to our site to help any ppl from UK who need to book flights from London to Shanghai or domestically in China. We are improving service all the time!



  18. Jian Shou,

    I also wondered what PNR meant on the United Airline ticket and surfing I found your site and explantion. Thanks!

    I was in your city on December 28 and I was looking to buy a deeply discount ticket to Guangzhou but couldn’t find any agencies that do so. I finally bought a soft sleeper to GZ at ~600 RMB as it was next to the YMCA Jian Jiang where I was staying.

    Later there were people passing discount ticket agent cards with up to 60% discounts near Xiang Yang market but too late for me. However, when I was in GZ I got at ticket for ~400 RMB to SaYa, Hainan, a whopping 60-70% off the published price. The discount varied according to the time of flight and airline.In Sanya I got the same whopping discount from Haikou to Shenzhen ~350 RMB directly from an airline agent office.

    How and where I can do it in Shanghai? I may be coming again in the summer headed for Tibet via Beiging or Shanghai. This info would be helpful to others. I can speak some Putonghua but better in Cantonese.

    Thanks for your wonderful site.

    Chune Lee,

    San Francisco Bay Area

    Posted by: Chune Lee on January 20, 2005 01:48 PM

  19. Hi

    I need to book a flight from SHanghai to Ningbo April 17 around 12 noon and returning April 19 aound 1400 Please let me know if you can help.


  20. Please can you help and look into connecting flights and let me know times and costs:

    22/03/05 – Morning flight from Shanghai to Beijing

    24/03/05 – Late afternoon/Evening flight from Beijing to Xian

    26/03/05 – Morning flight from Xian to Guangzhou

    29/03/05 – Afternoon flight from Guangzhou to Shanghi

    Many Thanks


  21. Dear Jian Shou,

    Please kindly help me to look into connecting flights, and pls do let me know the times/schedule of flights and costs of the following:

    (a) Shanghai – Ningbo – Shanghai

    18/05/05 – Afternoon flight(12pm) from Hong Qiao Airport, Shanghai to Ningbo

    21/05/05 – Early afternoon flight from Ningbo to Hong Qiao Airport, Shanghai

    (b) Guangzhou – Ningbo – Guangzhou

    18/05/05 – Afternoon flight(12pm onwards) from Guangzhou to Ningbo

    21/05/05 – Afternoon flight (11am onwards)from Ningbo to Guangzhou

    * Please tell me by today how to book the air ticket if I am in Malaysia.



    Ms. Pok

    16 April 2005

  22. Dear sir/Madam.

    I want to make a connection flight from shanghai to beijing for two ticket, and only for one way ticket, let me know the cost for the two. and mail me all the informations.

  23. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    We will visit the International trade fair in Guangzhou next week. We are interested in visiting Ningbo one day. Can you inform us of the time departures from Guangzhou to Ningbo and the return flight from Ningbo to Guangzhou.

    Thanking in advance for your full cooperation,

  24. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Can you inform us of the time departures from Guangzhou to Ningbo and the return flight from Ningbo to Guangzhou.

    Thanking in advance for your full cooperation,

  25. Hello! I just would like to make an inquiry as to how and where to book a flight from Nanjing to Manila (or any connecting flight). I just need to know the cost of round trip airfare good for two people and the flight schedule.

    Hope to hear your soonest response.

    Thank you.


  26. hey, im doing an assignment for school and i was wondering if i could get some help off someone, i need prices for airfares

    from hong kong to taiwan


    if u have anything to help me, even any good tourist sites regaurding the china area please email me:noangel49@hotmail.com



  27. Hi Jianshuo,

    I’m intending to go to HK Shanghai from the end july to early august.

    how long should I waite to purchase my plane tickets? Is it the later I buy the cheaper it is?

    INtending to take from Shanghai to Shenzhen to save a bit, but anyway, do you have any idea how low the prices can go during this period?


  28. HI Jianshuo,

    good job, this is a very nice web-site and I find many useful info there.

    I do travel a lot from north america to China, and compare the airfares online.

    there are a few website for travelers should check:






    I bought my airline tickets from http://www.uschinatrip.com a few times, their airfares seems pretty good. you should check them out….

  29. Planning to travel to Shanghai in October and get internal flights to Changchun. Would it be cheaper to purchase the tickets from Shanghai airport to Changchun or are there any good deals on with any of the internet sites? Also can you combine the internal flight with hotel stays in Shanghai at either end?

  30. hi im planning to travel from shanghai to beijing and return please let me know the best way to book this.

    thank you so much

  31. Hi

    I just wanted to let you know how helpful your website is regarding travel information for Shanghai and Beijing.

    My wife and I will be travelling to Shanghai and Beijing in September 2006. We have roundtrip tickets from Newark, NJ to Shanghai. We plan to head directly to Beijing for 4 or 5 days and then head to the Sunisland resort in western Shanghai for the next week. I know the trip is far off in the future but your site has provided some good info for us to think about.

    Hopefully, as the date comes closer, if I have any question that can’t be found on your site, you will be kind enough to give me some assistance.


  32. Hello from Australia

    I like to find a Webside for online booking !

    I like to fight from Shenzhen to Wuhan the 14 April 2006 early morning and return the 24 April 2006 in the after moon .

    Please tell me if my request is possible ?


    Claude Rogers

  33. Hello,

    There have been quite a few questions on air travel from Shanghai to Beijing. I would like to fly from Shanghai to Beijing to visit the Great Wall of China. Please let me know the best means of transportation and any websites that would offer low fares. Thanks a lot.


  34. we are the China Eastern Airlines of shanghai ,we can book the ticket from shanghai to another place,if you need help you can T:0086-021-52363301 OR Mail:thomas_han315@hotmail.com we can give you the best service

  35. Hello guys. I have been searching the internet for quite a while now… I am looking for a domestic flight from Xiamen to Wuhan in China (for a cheaper price). We will be in Xiamen this Sunday. This is going to be my husband and I’s first time in China :-) Kindly e-mail me at lorraine.lysander@yahoo.com… Please :-)

    Hope you could help me.

  36. I have not travelled in China since I arrived in October to work as a teacher until this Spring Festival month. I am on a tight budget but want to travel. I wanted to do most of the travel by train but the trains are difficult to book I asked someone to inquire for me in chinese. The response was the trains between Kunming and Wuhan only have 20 tickets to sell. i find that odd in a country of billions. so i am hoping the flight websites in this blog will prove to be economically helpful. I am visiting Kunming, Lijiang and Dali.

    Thanks for the information. If anyone knows the “ins and outs” on booking and purchasing train tickets let me know.

    Marjorie C

    m and p av

  37. Hi Jian Shuo,

    Your blog is very informative. I have difficulty booking flights from Hong Kong to Xian (on 20 February 2007 any time), from Xian to Beijing (on 21 February 2007 +- 7pm) and from Beijing to Hong Kong (on 25 February 2007 +- 6pm) for 2 adults.

    Can you help me with bookings or refer me a travel agent to help me please.

    Thank you,


  38. Hey,

    I am looking for cheap ticket from manila to guangzhou and guang zhou back to manila for this friday and back manila on 27th,

    Do you have any good recomemdation



  39. Hi,

    I will be travelling during the week of the labour holiday (May 1 2007). I will be in Shanghai for a week prior on business and can purchase flight tickets then for my trips below (arrive april 22). Will this be too late given the holidays? It is too expensive to book from North America. If one week prior is too late to book do you have any suggestions of how to book from here cheaply?

    Shanghai-Beijing: 4/27/07

    Beijing-Guilin 5/2/2007

    Thanks for your help!

  40. Geez, do the work yourself. The guys given you some great resources, add more if you find them but stop bugging him for a personalised itinerary, he’s not a travel agent Lamers.

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