Disaster – Mud-rock in Danba

This is the unpeaceful season again – bad news comes after bad news on TV. I am feeling very sorrow for all the victims.

Mud-rock in Danba, Sichuan, China

Last weekend, the mud-rock in Danba killed more than 50 people (latest news said 62), according to China Daily. In the victom list, four comes from Shanghai.

I have been to the mud-hit area of Danba. It is on the route of my Daocheng trip. After seeing the pictures of Daocheng, most people will say: “I will go there, definitely”. I heard this again and again, but be warned, that area is dangerous.

Altitude Sickness – unvisilable murderer

In the Tibet area of Sichuan, the mountains are high – with altitude of 4000+ meters. If you are not aware of the danger of altitude sickness, don’t go. Read this Altitude Sickness Prevention Guide first.

My best wishes to all the people going their, may they be safe and happy. I am so shocked during my last trip my dear group mate passed away for ignorance of altitude sickness symptoms. Sign….


The roads leading to the Tibet area are tough. Unless you are 100% sure, don’t drive there. The July and Augest are the rainy season and don’t go. Oct may be good, but it is very cold there.

For disasters like mudslide, no one would predict and maybe the only factor is your luck. I feel very sorrow for the people who lost their lives in the disaster and may God bless them and their family.

Gel Candy, Operation and Metro Line 4

How can imagine a Gel Candy can choke a child and kill him? It did. Meanwhile, the operation atempting to seperate the two Iran women failed. The disater of Shanghai Metro Line #4 also caused heavy economic loss. The good news out of the bad is, no one get hurt.


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