Travel by Bicycle, Fly w/o ID, etc

Travel by Bicycle

After decided to hike to Kanas, I found I was hopelessly passionate for hiking – even if I cannot hike in mountains, walking in Shanghai also seems fun. I began to walk to any places in the city as long as time permitted. For example, after taking the driver’s license written exam, I walked from Xinzhuang back home covering 14 KM in 2.5 hours. I also started to walk to the place I work and back home. It is about 3 KM and costs me 50 minutes. really inspired me about traveling by bicycle. They southern China on bicycle. I am so impressed that they even made it without knowing any Chinese.

What a nice idea it is. So don’t be surprised if one day I do tell you I have travelled by bicycle to someplace.

Interesting to know: How to Fly without an ID

I read an article telling people how to fly without an ID (via Jeremy Zawodny’s blog). I was so surprised to know that an ID is not required by law of U.S to get on board a U.S. plane. It means, if you insist not to show the ID, the agent has no right to stop you from going onboard. Very interesting.


I checked BlogShares today about the market value of my blog. I didn’t check it for a long time since I claimed the ownership in March. To my surprise, I found my blog worth $4,777.33 (of cause it is fake money).

Above is the share valuation trend. I don’t know why there is a sharp increase in the market value. What happened during the increase period?

From the recent buys and sells table, I found someone are interested in my blog and bought my blog stock.

Type Player Quantity When

Sell todd 1250 15:04 01 Jun 2003

Buy midnite lily 200 18:27 30 May 2003

Buy todd 1250 13:02 30 May 2003

Buy midnite lily 1250 10:05 30 May 2003

Sell Carlo 2500 10:20 22 May 2003

Buy Kenneth 50 01:12 22 May 2003

Buy Carlo 1250 21:09 21 May 2003

Buy Carlo 1250 20:38 21 May 2003

Buy Kenneth 1250 03:55 16 May 2003

Buy Jian Shuo Wang 1000 16:01 01 May 2003

Obviously Carlo has gain a lot of money during the buy and sell – actually, Carlo is the 18th richest person in Blogshares world.

SARS is Over in Shanghai

This page contains personal opinions only. Don’t treat it as official announcement.

If anyone asks me about the situation in Shanghai, I would say: “SARS is over in Shanghai”.

Shanghai returns to prosperity

After week-long cloudy and cold whether, from yesterday, it becomes sunny and hot. People began to rush out to street for shopping. Below are a series of pictures I took in Xiang Yang Market.

People are wearing summer clothes and I didn’t see any masks in the market. The most crowded market famous for cool shoes, cases, and clothes was almost empty during April but now, people begin to return. Although it is not exactly as busy as before, it is already a very significant sign. It tells that people in the city begin to think SARS is over.


© 2003 Jian Shuo Wang

People are busy bargaining with the sales man.


© 2003 Jian Shuo Wang

A lot of foreigners are visiting the place.


© 2003 Jian Shuo Wang

The small road are packed with taxis and cars – it was once empty during the May holiday.


© 2003 Jian Shuo Wang

Quarantine policy changes

Yesterday afternoon, the government announced the change of quarantine policy. People returning Shanghai will no longer need to take two-week quarantine. All people coming from SARS affected areas will take medical observation instead. Only SARS patient, suspected patient and close-contactor (identified by CDC) need to go under quarantine now. Others will only need to take temperature everyday.

Shanghai eased its traveling rules yesterday, asking only those with close contact to SARS patients and suspected patients to go through medical quarantine.

Local residents now returning to the city, including from such hard-hit areas as Beijing and Hong Kong, will not be quarantined as an earlier document required.

The new measures be-come effective on Monday.

Shanghai Government Announcement

Travel is not discouraged now

In addition to the quarantine policy change, restriction to business travel, actives and events is lifted. It is allowed to organize people to go out of the city to SARS-free provinces or provinces with 20 days of no-SARS history.

I also consulted the Shanghai SARS hotline 95120. The representative told me it is OK for people to hold activities in Shanghai again. It seems the situation is better.

Restaurant resumes operation

During the SARS hit months, some restaurant has closed due to lack of customers. Today, when I passed by Xujiahui Road, I found a restaurant put a large sign outside the window – “Business resumes from May 30”. It is the only restaurant I see to resume operation these days.

Strict precautions still apply

I have been very used to the change of life after SARS – I have my temperature taken every morning when I enter the building I am working. This lasted for 2 weeks already. This is still going on. The disinfection of taxis and buses do not stop – I suspect maybe this can be a permanent policy in Shanghai.

SARS is over in the mind of people

SARS is over. At least from the people’s mind. SARS is removed from people’s topic list. Seldom do I hear my friends talking about SARS recently. Just as the end of long cloudy weather, SARS is passing and the city enjoys the sunlight again.

Top Commentor of May

I am very happy to announce that the top commenter of the month award for May 2003 goes to:

Caroline 36

Luo 36

annie 17

Congragulations and thinks for your contribution.

Top ten list

Luo 36

Caroline 36

annie 17

Carol 13

David 11

Nick 10

Vivian 6

Tim 5

rockzhz 5

Li Jingyi 5

Isaac 5

Top 11, actually since there was a tie for 4 persons. Thanks.


In May 2003, 175 visitors contributed 453 comments to this website.

In April 2003, 157 persons (distinguished by display name) posted 437 comments.

In the first 5 months of this blog (Sept 11, 2002 to March 31, 2003), 216 persons (distinguished by display name) posted 478 comments.

Keep sharing with us

I am happy to find Caroline and Luo are the second time to win the Top Commenter of the Month award since last month. Caroline shared her experience about going between Shanghai and Hongkong and the two-week long quarantine. It is so good to know Caroline is free from the post of yesterday. Caroline, I did passed by your Pottery Workshop on Taikong road this morning at about 10:30 AM, hoping to see you there. But the workshop is not opened yet. What I see is the green “Make a Peace” anti-war party advertisement on the door.

Luo shared lot of value SARS information on the website with us. You seem to read all kinds of newspaper and reports around the world – in China, U.S even in Pakistan. :-) Your comments are the longest and I am sure your count of words in comment will absolutely be No. 1 in the month too.

Annie mix the news report and her experience in Hongkong and Shanghai. Now you are in Hongkong. I think Shanghai is just good to come back in one month. So keep in touch.

Thanks all the rest for the great comments, for example, I am always excited to see my friend Isaac appears in this blog and quote the stuff I wrote, such as the webcam and the top commenter award itself in his blog.

I will announce the top commentor of the month in Jun on July 1.