Travel by Bicycle, Fly w/o ID, etc

Travel by Bicycle

After decided to hike to Kanas, I found I was hopelessly passionate for hiking – even if I cannot hike in mountains, walking in Shanghai also seems fun. I began to walk to any places in the city as long as time permitted. For example, after taking the driver’s license written exam, I walked from Xinzhuang back home covering 14 KM in 2.5 hours. I also started to walk to the place I work and back home. It is about 3 KM and costs me 50 minutes. really inspired me about traveling by bicycle. They southern China on bicycle. I am so impressed that they even made it without knowing any Chinese.

What a nice idea it is. So don’t be surprised if one day I do tell you I have travelled by bicycle to someplace.

Interesting to know: How to Fly without an ID

I read an article telling people how to fly without an ID (via Jeremy Zawodny’s blog). I was so surprised to know that an ID is not required by law of U.S to get on board a U.S. plane. It means, if you insist not to show the ID, the agent has no right to stop you from going onboard. Very interesting.


I checked BlogShares today about the market value of my blog. I didn’t check it for a long time since I claimed the ownership in March. To my surprise, I found my blog worth $4,777.33 (of cause it is fake money).

Above is the share valuation trend. I don’t know why there is a sharp increase in the market value. What happened during the increase period?

From the recent buys and sells table, I found someone are interested in my blog and bought my blog stock.

Type Player Quantity When

Sell todd 1250 15:04 01 Jun 2003

Buy midnite lily 200 18:27 30 May 2003

Buy todd 1250 13:02 30 May 2003

Buy midnite lily 1250 10:05 30 May 2003

Sell Carlo 2500 10:20 22 May 2003

Buy Kenneth 50 01:12 22 May 2003

Buy Carlo 1250 21:09 21 May 2003

Buy Carlo 1250 20:38 21 May 2003

Buy Kenneth 1250 03:55 16 May 2003

Buy Jian Shuo Wang 1000 16:01 01 May 2003

Obviously Carlo has gain a lot of money during the buy and sell – actually, Carlo is the 18th richest person in Blogshares world.

7 thoughts on “Travel by Bicycle, Fly w/o ID, etc

  1. Dear WangJianShou

    I found your web site usefule, as I wanted to get to Pudong airport and stay in a hotel the day before returning home.

    I have been visiting Shanghai by bicycle. However I had difficulty crossing the river to get from Puxi to the Pudong international airport to fly home. I attempted most bridges and tunnels marked as either existing or under construction. Even tried the ‘Tourist tunnel’. It seemed impossible by bicycle until I discovered the ferry from Nan Jiang Lu Bei (follow Tibet Road from the city to get here from PuXi) and only 1.5 RMB. Allow 2 and half hours to cycle from Peoples Square to the airport.

    This maybe useful for other strange people who like touring by bicycle.


  2. Hi Chris,

    I am happy to meet another fan to tour by bicyle. For bicyles, the only way is by ferry – the shuttle ship. I cycled to Pudong aiport this Tuesday and it took me five hours from Xujiahui there. Part of the reason is the wind – it was E 11kph wind and it was really hard to ride there. Finally, I didn’t arrived at Pudong airport on time.

  3. Hi Wang Jian Shou,

    It is nice te hear that our web site inspired you to go travelling by bicycle. But be warned, once you start travelling by bicycle you never want to travel on foot again ;-)

    I realy like your site, it’s beautiful. You’ve created very good pictures of your cycling trip to Chong Ming.

    Happy cycling!

    Robert Tenback –

  4. Hi Robert,

    It was very interesting to travel by bicycle. You are very right that I never want to travel on foot again. Morever, I don’t want to travel by bus or car again. :-)

  5. ***WARNING: THIS IS A SCAM*** I just purchased a bike from Tato Rico – put NZ$6,500 into his bank account… and not only did I not get my bike, he asked for another NZ$2,000 for a tax that doesn’t even exist! Some people are unbelievable! I’m an athlete, and not only do I no longer have a bike for next Season which starts next week, but I also have to go back to my sponsors who gave me the money and explain the whole thing – it couldn’t get any worse!!

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