Top Commenters of May 2004

Oh. I paused the Top Commenter of the Month Award for many months. I am sorry for that. Let me announce the top commenter of May 2004 now. The Top Commenters of May 2004 Award goes to:

Zhu Qingsi 9

Chris 8

Top Ten List

Shen 6

Run Liu 6

earthmilk 6

MW 5

Jion 5

Rogi 4

Nick 4

Previous Top Commenters

May 2003

luo 36

Caroline 36

annie 17

Jun 2003

Nick 6

cuanyu 5

July 2003

Nick 6

Kme 5

Aug 2003

toufu 13

Xu 10

Sept 2003

william 8

tutu 8

Xu 5

Oct 2003

tutu 10

Carroll 7

WilliamW 6

Nov 2003

WilliamW 15

tutu 10

dodo 9

Dec 2003

Carroll 14

WilliamW 10

Xu 9

Jan 2004

WilliamW 12

Carroll 10

Tane 9

Feb 2004

WilliamW 18

Lee 15

tutu 8

March 2004

Paul Ayala 15

WilliamW 10

JH 9

April 2004

Paul Ayala 11

Rogi 9

Carroll 8

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Top Commentor of May

I am very happy to announce that the top commenter of the month award for May 2003 goes to:

Caroline 36

Luo 36

annie 17

Congragulations and thinks for your contribution.

Top ten list

Luo 36

Caroline 36

annie 17

Carol 13

David 11

Nick 10

Vivian 6

Tim 5

rockzhz 5

Li Jingyi 5

Isaac 5

Top 11, actually since there was a tie for 4 persons. Thanks.


In May 2003, 175 visitors contributed 453 comments to this website.

In April 2003, 157 persons (distinguished by display name) posted 437 comments.

In the first 5 months of this blog (Sept 11, 2002 to March 31, 2003), 216 persons (distinguished by display name) posted 478 comments.

Keep sharing with us

I am happy to find Caroline and Luo are the second time to win the Top Commenter of the Month award since last month. Caroline shared her experience about going between Shanghai and Hongkong and the two-week long quarantine. It is so good to know Caroline is free from the post of yesterday. Caroline, I did passed by your Pottery Workshop on Taikong road this morning at about 10:30 AM, hoping to see you there. But the workshop is not opened yet. What I see is the green “Make a Peace” anti-war party advertisement on the door.

Luo shared lot of value SARS information on the website with us. You seem to read all kinds of newspaper and reports around the world – in China, U.S even in Pakistan. :-) Your comments are the longest and I am sure your count of words in comment will absolutely be No. 1 in the month too.

Annie mix the news report and her experience in Hongkong and Shanghai. Now you are in Hongkong. I think Shanghai is just good to come back in one month. So keep in touch.

Thanks all the rest for the great comments, for example, I am always excited to see my friend Isaac appears in this blog and quote the stuff I wrote, such as the webcam and the top commenter award itself in his blog.

I will announce the top commentor of the month in Jun on July 1.

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As you can see again, there is a comment system on this site. I value everyone’s post and it is part of the blog – actually, it is very large portion of this website.

As of today, 206 entries were posted on this site while we have 957 comments (4.6 times of blog entries). Some readers posted more than 20 comments per month.

The comment entries provide very informative and updated content to the readers. I have my principle on comments (check the My principle on comments section).

I insist not to delete any comments as long as it is readable. However, I cannot bear anyone writing flaming comment against my other readers.

Regarding SARS, I have to update my principle to add one more rule:

To ensure accuracy of information, if you post any data or report, please include the original source (URL or page number). If you post any unconfirmed information, please note it explicitly. I will have to remove some content if it does not support itself or obviously seems rumor.

I hesitate to do it since I smelled a little bit censorship in this rule. This is against my original principle to create an open and censorship-free forum. Unfortunately, there are too much rumors via emails and MSN chat on SARS recently. If not verified and posted, it may cause unnecessary panic among the readers (about 4k page view everyday/1.5k unique IPs). This site must take the responsibility to fight against SARS instead of causing trouble to the society. I hope I will remove this rule when the SARS is under control. After than, some rumor will not hurt anybody. :-)

Do you believe in the official news?

Some friends are asking me why I only quote official news – “do you believe in the official news/figures?” Well. I have my own justification. When SARS was reported under control, I didn’t believe in that so I posted some entries, doubting the report. When some western media are doubting the SARS case number in Shanghai, I also posted this entry (two cases in Shanghai section) stating that I believe in the number. I am trying to report the fact only. I cannot confirm whether my friends are telling me is true or false, but I can definitely confirm that people are talking about it. If there is something I cannot verify, I will put red font warning – this page contains rumor, or treat it as rumor only. I hope by distinguishing the facts and guess, the information will be more helpful. Anyway, every single word I wrote only represents my personal perspective to the city and should not be treated as the view of majority.

A little bit update on SARS

Today, Shanghai has its first death of SARS. It is reported to the victim, 68 in age, is the second SARS case – the father of the first SARS patient. I am very sorry for that. The newly-added four cases make people nervous since it is reported that one of the couple has visited Shanghai No. 1 Department Store, the largest store in Shanghai (in terms of revenue), and took the metro. I suspect the number of SARS cases will rise in the coming week.

The new regulation requires all people coming from SARS-affected areas to take two-week quarantine. Body temperture will be taken twice every day. (update: Caroline have too stay at home for two weeks when she return from Hongkong.)

Today, 146 cases (94 from Beijing) were reported.

Send a Post Card to Your Friend Today

Update Seasonal Greetings December 23, 2003

I have added some great pictures that you can also send your own greeting card to your friend.

<End of update >

May holiday is a long vacation for me – vacation at home actually. Last October, I went to Daocheng in southwest part of China and recorded in the trip in Daocheng category of this blog. Today, I created postcard gallery so you can send the pictures I took at the amazing Shangri-la to your friend, along with your greetings and wishes.

More photos can be found here (in the article) and here (as slide show). You can send any of the photo to your friend as a greeting card by pressing the “Send this Greeting Card using this picture” button.

Note: All photos are taken by myself. Commercial use is forbidden before my written permission.

Tibet said “no” to travellers

Recently, the National Tourism Administration has forbidden any foreign tourist to enter Tibet. Later, domestic tourism groups are forbidden to enter Tibet too due to the spreading of SARS. I don’t know when it will resume so we can go to the dream-like Tibet again.

East China Normal Universtity closed its door for the whole May

According to cotton:

ECNU made a rule that all the students (including shanghai students) should stay in school the whole May. No one can go home.

Universities in Shanghai have took a lot of actions to protect their students from the risk to get infected by SARS.

Appendix: SARS Daily Report 10:00 PM, May 3, 2003 (source)

New:181 (Beijing:114, Shanghai:0) Total:3971

Thanks for your Comments

I want to thank everyone for commenting on my blog. I didn’t expect that so many people were involved. At the very begining, when I have about 50 blog entries, I got about 10 comments. Later, when I completed my first 100 entries, there were about 100 comments. Now this is the 198th article in this blog and I got 478 comments, doubling the number of the blog entries. These comments shows sparkling ideas and timely information about the world. I appreciate everyone’s contribution on this blog which is the source of my passion to continue writing.

Top 10 commentor

I’d like to thank the following top 10 contributors for commenting in order of comments posted.

cuanyu 16

Yizhong 7

Raymond 7

John 7

David 7

Bethune 6

Shanghai Knight 5

Ryan 5

Reader 5

Mainlander 5

Totally, 216 persons (distinguished by display name) participated in the last 5 months.

My principle on comments

I insist not to delete any comments as long as it is reable – I did saw testing posts before – about one or two. I will leave it for several days to give the poster some time to verify that it really works and delete it for sake of ease of reading.

I don’t change the content of any comment although the system provide the function. If I disagree, I will post my comment under it. I did receive such comments that I wanted to delete but I hold firm against it. Here is one example.

However, I cannot bear anyone writing flaming comment against my other readers. Unfortunately, Wayne, who has posted before, gave me a surprise by leaving this comment. I have to say, no matter what you think, just give out fact and your thoughts. Do not simply give us such comment, please.

P.S. Update on SARS

Take these precautions:

(i) Try to keep your hands away from your face.

(ii) Wash your hand often. If you go out, wash your hand when you reach home.

(iii) Soap and water are a good defence. Cornaviruses cannot withstand any sort of detergent.

(iv) Alcohol-based hand rubs are effective, too.

(v) Keep away from crowded areas.

Thanks Shanghai Knight to share with us about these good tips.

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