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Suggested by Xin, I am going to remove the email address from the comment display page. I added show_email=0 attribute to the <$MTCommentAuthorLink show_email=”0″$> tag.

The email address of the author will never be displayed. The logic then becomes: if the author has entered a URL, the author name will be a link to that URL; if no URL, display the author name without a link.

Source: MovableType manual

I was using spam_protect attribute before so the email was encoded. Instead of, it is actually written someone&#64;someplace&#46;com. Anyway, there may be other spammer using the translation tools to converted them back to @ and ., so I decided to remove emails at last after Xin notified me. If you want others to contact you, write your email into the content of the post. Meanwhile, in case I need to contact you, the email field is still required.

Privacy Policy of this Site

  • Your Email will NOT be shared or sold.
  • Your email will NOT be used other than sending this newsletter.

As you may feel from this site, there is a real person with a name and a physical location behind this site. I will guarantee that your email is safe to the largest possible extent (while, what if someone robs the administrator of the web server at the ISP company and read my site in the file system level??? I cannot say your email is absolutely safe.)

I will NOT sell, rent, disclose or publish your email under any circumstances. If you don’t trust the site enough, enter a fake email is also OK.

You can also subscribe Wangjianshuo’s Blog Update, an email will be sent to you when new items becomes online. I will not automatically add you to the list even if you leave your email address with your comment. Then help yourself.


At any time, reply the email of Wangjianshuo’s Blog Update with Unsubscribe will remove you from the list. Due to the limitation of the current MovableType function, it is automatic. I will manually remove you from the list after I get your mail. So give me one day before it is done. I will also typically send you a confirmation for that.


As you can see again, there is a comment system on this site. I value everyone’s post and it is part of the blog – actually, it is very large portion of this website.

As of today, 206 entries were posted on this site while we have 957 comments (4.6 times of blog entries). Some readers posted more than 20 comments per month.

The comment entries provide very informative and updated content to the readers. I have my principle on comments (check the My principle on comments section).

I insist not to delete any comments as long as it is readable. However, I cannot bear anyone writing flaming comment against my other readers.

Regarding SARS, I have to update my principle to add one more rule:

To ensure accuracy of information, if you post any data or report, please include the original source (URL or page number). If you post any unconfirmed information, please note it explicitly. I will have to remove some content if it does not support itself or obviously seems rumor.

I hesitate to do it since I smelled a little bit censorship in this rule. This is against my original principle to create an open and censorship-free forum. Unfortunately, there are too much rumors via emails and MSN chat on SARS recently. If not verified and posted, it may cause unnecessary panic among the readers (about 4k page view everyday/1.5k unique IPs). This site must take the responsibility to fight against SARS instead of causing trouble to the society. I hope I will remove this rule when the SARS is under control. After than, some rumor will not hurt anybody. :-)

Do you believe in the official news?

Some friends are asking me why I only quote official news – “do you believe in the official news/figures?” Well. I have my own justification. When SARS was reported under control, I didn’t believe in that so I posted some entries, doubting the report. When some western media are doubting the SARS case number in Shanghai, I also posted this entry (two cases in Shanghai section) stating that I believe in the number. I am trying to report the fact only. I cannot confirm whether my friends are telling me is true or false, but I can definitely confirm that people are talking about it. If there is something I cannot verify, I will put red font warning – this page contains rumor, or treat it as rumor only. I hope by distinguishing the facts and guess, the information will be more helpful. Anyway, every single word I wrote only represents my personal perspective to the city and should not be treated as the view of majority.

A little bit update on SARS

Today, Shanghai has its first death of SARS. It is reported to the victim, 68 in age, is the second SARS case – the father of the first SARS patient. I am very sorry for that. The newly-added four cases make people nervous since it is reported that one of the couple has visited Shanghai No. 1 Department Store, the largest store in Shanghai (in terms of revenue), and took the metro. I suspect the number of SARS cases will rise in the coming week.

The new regulation requires all people coming from SARS-affected areas to take two-week quarantine. Body temperture will be taken twice every day. (update: Caroline have too stay at home for two weeks when she return from Hongkong.)

Today, 146 cases (94 from Beijing) were reported.

5 thoughts on “Emails and Privacy Policies

  1. Hi. I’m glad you decided to not show the email address of your commenters on your site. I’ve always followed that suit and like with when others do the same. Luckily with most MT related sites, the url will always have precedence over the email.

    Have a good day :)


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  3. No problem, just be careful and think of the country first….I think it is going to be very hard on China and I plan to help as much as I can, AND not cause social unrests!!


  4. Ummm…I am not real computer saavvy, and sometimes something real simple is under my nose and i still miss it. So if this irritates someone, please excuse me.

    I do not have a problem with anyone (from administration of this site contacting me by email). I just am not interested in newsletter notification. There did not seem to be a chioce for that on the pop-up comment box.


    Peace2uall and Safe Journey,


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