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Guest book moved

Before this, I have an guest book at Yahoo!Guestbook. It is full very soon.

Then I moved it to my personal BBS, but the system seems too complicated for my visitors so dramatically fewer people signed.

Now I decided to merge it into the blog comment system provided by MovableType. This provide two benefits:

1) There is only one system which make it easy to manage and backup.

2) The name of the author of the comment will be shown on the homepage of this site, so others can get aware of the new entry.

For article related comments, please continue to post it under the article. For comments related to the whole site or cannot find the right place to post, post it here. I will create new guestbook articles so this page don’t get too long with the time passing by.

76 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. I’m impressed with your site and your background. Why don’t you go to America for graduate school? A man with your intelligence can easily enroll at Stanford, Harvard, Princeton.

  2. How is SARS going in Shanghai? I plan to go back to Shanghai this summer, so i want to know current events about SARS in Shanghai. Thanks!P.S. I love ur website so much!!

  3. I like your web site as well as your hobbies. Traveling is always my favourite. Although I am only a freshmen in an American college, I want to travel around the world. So keep in touch and I hope to hear from you soon.

  4. i’m tracing the SARS news everyday.i really hope SARS will go away soon,’cause i don’t want to cancel my dream trip to Shanghai! A friend of mine said SARS will decrese when June is coming, is this true?

  5. Hi,

    I have a mixed feeling about Shanghai. A couple of questions for you if you would like to answer:

    a. Do you think Shanghai is a better place to live (for your kind of people) than, say, New York?

    b. Do you think that a person lived many years overseas could be adjusted in living in Shanghai?

    c. This one is personal: how old are you?


  6. Dear Summer,

    I was born in New York City, lived in San Francisco and have spent much time in Shanghai.

    Shanghai and New York are very similiar. Both have unique histories and much to offer.

    I prefer Shanghai..

    Its safer, cost of living is less, people are more friendly.

    However, depends if you can get a good job (USD salary), know the language well, and can get used to moving about the city.

    I love shanghai and I speak very little mandarin and hope to live there so my answer is yes.

  7. hi, how are you !jianshuo!

    i am a student who come from zhengzhou. i am in guangdong now.

    glad to know you are also henan people.

    i like your site very much.

    my qq 56558548

    keep in touch!

  8. Yeh. I love the city of Luoyang where I grow up very much – a very nice city. When I talk with the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s journalist Karin the other day, I mentioned Luoyang. “It was a big city – one of the largest city in the world, but now it is a small one”. I said, “with the population of 6 million.”

    “It is not a small one at all”, Karin added, “it is greater than the population of whole Finland. :-)”

  9. I am glad to spend nearly 2 hrs on your website. It’s nice and neat, with bunch of information. I bet it must be a hard work for maintenance from time to time.

    I find your website by chance. I was at Google, searching for Luo Yi Gao ‘s official website. To my surprise, your 92-6 classmate webpage is on the top result list. So I followed the link here.

    I am from 93-6. In my memory, the 92-6 and 93-6 ever took the final exams in the same classrooms (right? in exam dyas, they exchange half of students to prvent cheatings). It’s quite exciting to find some familiar names in your 92-6 address book.

    Congratulations on your wedding!! Keep working on this website, it’s pretty good.

  10. Hi Zheng Xia, it is sooooo nice to hear from you, especially when I know you also graduated from Luo Yi Gao – the amazing place in the world. Yes. You are right that we have ever take final exam together. I still remember that. Small world, isn’t it? Do keep in touch and say hello to your classmates. I know some of them – I remember Pan Yu Xin comes from 93-6, right?

  11. Hoho, now I understand the usage of that real notebook on your hands. Really impressed a lot.

    Keep this excellent website on and hope I can register succesfully this time (it will expire at 2003.6.6).

  12. Nice site, but your imageviewer picture pages refresh too fast. The images aren’t fully loaded yet, before the page refreshes to the next image.

    Nui Yue Ren

  13. Could you please check the regular office hour for the post office in the PuDong Internation Airport?

    Thanks a lot.

  14. Hello, Jian Shuo

    Nice to see everything here, and esp. congratulations on your marriage. By chance I came to know you shortly two years ago, although not familiar. Now after visiting your site, know much more about you. Your website is great, just like yourself :-)

  15. I am surprised happy to know u came from Luoyang. I am also from Luoyang and working in Washington DC. USA now. I like your website. Keep up on the good work!

  16. I am from NY and visited your website. I almost visited Shanghai but went to Japan and Korea instead. Both great countriest too. I will wait for the SARS advisories to settle down and will reattempt to visit China. I have some things to ask you. Please respond to this email. I could not get my email through to you at your hotmail address, so I put you on my MSN chat, and perhaps we can talk. I am an artist so please feel free to view my art.

    Take care, be well!


  17. your website is quite cool, i really really envy your happy life,i am gonna be a senior this year,and i have made up my mind i will not prepare 4 my master degree,coz you know it is quite weird in my college, everyone is preparing for their futher study.i got no confidence that i can make it.if i do it blindly, i would lost too much.time and money.

    and right now i am pretty mess up,coz future is not bright 4 me, i wish one day i could lead the kind of life like you lead.going abroad is one of my dreams,but i don’t know if i could make it someday, coz the reality is quite horrible for a greenman.

    in a word,your site is quite cool,and i am sorry that i make too much room giving a vent of my god damn mood.sorry 4 this.

    keep going, you are gonna make the best man of urself.

  18. Hi,

    I am just searching inforamtion about Microsoft in India but hit into your website. :)

    I worked for Microsoft AREC 3 years ago. The photos of your office bring back good memories for me. Thanks!

    Good luck!


  19. It’s great what you’re doing! Would you want to share these in a community for more people to benefit? Please join the newest and coolest online community about Shanghai and capture a bigger audience. Help it grow!!! I will email you separately to see if you’re interested to get more involved. Visit

  20. Dear Wangjianshuo

    I was very happy to find your site, not least because downloading Perl on XP was not straightforward until I read your very down to earth description. I was also pleased because some years ago I spent a year in China with a family. I had forgotten, until I revisited your site, how much Chinese people use the expression ‘I dream’. I think this is a wonderful Chinese character trait. I adored my time in China and I felt very honoured to have known so many great people. I also learned some Chinese – perhaps we can conference and I could get to practise?

    I am just starting to learn Perl, so wish me luck.

    Best wishes

    Zai jian!

    John Olsson

    PS Feel free to email me.

  21. Jianshou nong hao,

    I am a frequent visitor of your website beacause I like it, you are doing a great job :) I bet it must be a hard work for maintenance from time to time. I thought that your website touched me most is happy & easy lifestyle.

    I am in Xi’an, engaged in travel business, our team are buidling our own website these days( or, our purpose is offering a virtual

    community, serve for the foreigner who lives in Xi’an, I really like and, they are my dream.

    Through you website, I know you are a intelligent, helpful and obliging person, so I want you give me some advise about our website.

    BTW Can I link to your web site or pages in our web site?

    :)Have a great day,

  22. Thanks thought i got rid of most of it until

    very annoying didn’t know what to do. stumbled upon your site.

    you did what norton could not thanks again. have a great life.

  23. I am from Austria (Europe) an live in Shanghai since last year. I love this fascinating city and I am always looking for new information. Your website is really very helpful and very interesting. Especially your story about taxis here in Shanghai is worth reading. Maybe you can add some information on the rating of taxi drivers (stars on their license plate in the car). I have asked quite a few people about that but I got differing answers. Is it really such a myth, because no one seems to be sufficienttly informed? How are drivers rated and what makes one a 3 star driver while others still have one star?

    Thank you and keep it up!

  24. Hi Karin,

    You hare rised a very good topic regarding the taxi drivers in Shanghai. I am interested in invest it and write on this topic soon.

    Jian Shuo Wang

  25. Stephanie,

    Thanks for posting on my site – I didn’t noticed it before, sorry.

    It is a very good idea to build a website for expat like But it needs time.

    Feel free to link to this site. I’d like you to do that.

  26. after visiting your site,I feel shame of mine.^_^

    it definately cost your many time and energy to set up such a site.Although I am a Shanghaier as well,I still get a lot from your site.thx.

    Good work!And I come in just to say hello to you.

  27. I found the tip about shutting off Microsoft Messenger to block the anti-pop-up spam. Thanks a lot



  28. Thanks for directions to stop messenger spam. You remind me of the early days of the Internet when it seemed like a “nice neighborhood” out there. Thanks for taking the time to type up instructions.



  29. Thank you so much for posting this site on the web. You don’t know how much I appreciate it! I emailed “abuse” to let them know how annoying those pop-up ads are.

  30. Hi Wang Jian Shuo

    I stumbled across your blog by chance. What a wonderful discovery! I’ll certainly make visting it a daily habit from now on. :)

    Noting that you’re from Henan, I wonder if I might ask the following: do you find that not speaking Shanghainese a minor inconvenience, both at work and in everyday life?

    Last but not least, thanks for taking the time to provide so much useful info about SH!


  31. Well, William, I have been Shanghai for 8 years and had never found it inconvenience not to be able to speak Shanghainese. The new Shanghai is open and the environment I lived in (university and foreign-owned company) use mandarin as standard language. Waiters at shops are willing to use the language you perfer to sell their goods.

    The only experience I felt frustrated is learning driving. The mentors really keen to speak Shanghainese and were very ignorent to my feeling. So my conclusion is, the traditional Shanghai people with income lower than 2000 RMB tend to speak Shanghainese. :-)

  32. Hi Wang Jian Shuo

    Thanks for sharing your experience, and all the best with your driving test. Your humor is a little bit wicked, but a delight to read!

    A Shanghai car licence looks rather expensive indeed, but I hope you’ll soon achieve your car-owning goal. Do you need to buy car parking space at Vanke Waltz Garden too? :)

    Your new home looks wonderful. Excellent choice! Not to mention timing …


  33. Hi Wang Jianshuo,

    It is so nice to look around in your website, it is so well done. I found your website by searching google about Luoyang No.1 High school. I am also from Luo Yi Gao, class 94-7. also lots of my classmates are from Shi Hua. so good to see those familar things. Have a good day.

  34. Hello, Wang Jian Shuo,

    I hit your site my accident. But I am very impressed. I now live in the US and work in a bank. There is a chance that I may move to Shang Hai. So I am very interested in knowing Shang Hai. I am glad Shang Hai has great people like yourself.

    I am from He Nan, too. But not Luo Yang. I am from Zheng Zhou. I went to a univeristy in Beijing in 1981 and came to the US in 1987 from Beijing.

    Keep up the good work.


  35. You have done the world a service by publishing such an easy, free way to end spam pop-ups! Thank you so much!

  36. Hi,

    A bit crazy to have one’s life exposed extremely like that. Or you are very sick, or you are very strong.

  37. It is so informative. If given a chance, are you interested to work part time for a HK travel agent in Shanghai?

  38. Hiya Jian Shuo,

    Nice website. Very informative. I am new in Shanghai. Been here for a little over a month. I am from Malaysia. I am currently studying at Jiao Tong University at Xu Jia Hui. I am studying to improve on my written mandarin. After my course completes in Jan 2004, I hope to work in Shanghai. :) Keep in touch and all the best.

  39. Hiya Jian Shuo,

    Nice website. Very informative. I am new in Shanghai. Been here for a little over a month. I am from Malaysia. I am currently studying at Jiao Tong University at Xu Jia Hui. I am studying to improve on my written mandarin. After my course completes in Jan 2004, I hope to work in Shanghai. :) Keep in touch and all the best.

  40. I am an American living in Shanghai and enjoy visting your website. I direct my friends and family in the US to your website so they may get some insight as to my life here in Shanghai. I have found your website to be informative and very easy to maneuver through. Keep up the good work!

  41. Thanks Susan. I believe to get a small window to see the other part of the world through it is very interesting. :-) Hope you like the information provided on this site.

  42. Dear Jian Shuo,

    I am from Singapore. Visited your website and found it helpful and informative especially to a foreigner who wants to know a little more about the life in Shanghai from a local’s perspective.

    Shanghai, like Singapore, is a mercantilistic society. People are more used to talk business than personal things. Given the rapid economic growth and abundant business opportunities in Shanghai, perhaps, for the benefits of your existing and future readers, you may want to consider adding to your website some information on “how to start a retail business in Shanghai”. Perhaps, you can tell us about the rules and regulations, business opportunities as you see it, obstacles one normally will face, available banking facilities, physical location, distribution network, tax consideration, etc…….in Shanghai. I am talking about small businesses or “small man businesses” as you may called it in Shanghai, not those multinational or supranational corporations. I think it will draw many business-minded surfers to your site. Perhaps, like many Chinese who want to be “own bosses one day”, you may one day be connected to some like-minded people and venture out on your own. Of course, I am talking about the future since you have mentioned that you are currently an employee in a corporation.

    Your wife looks gorgeous in the wedding photos. Perhaps, she has female friends, as pretty as her, who may want to know foreign friends. I am talking about those who can speak and write English, not the “off the mill” type. Perhaps, you may want to set up a little column on your website on “internaltional penpal”.

    You see, there are many opportunities one can think of to create a “super website” and perhaps one day you can draw paying advertisers to your website charging them based on the number of clicks or hits or page views. You will definitely be a rich man!

    I can help in the content writing, if you need it. Perhaps, I can contribute my two cents worth to make your website as successful as you want it to be. No, I am not going after monetary rewards. I am not asking you for money or salary. It is just a personal quest and all during my spare times.

    Best Regards



  43. hi. great job on your website!!! by the way, you and your wife looks very cute together. :) picture perfect couple i should say! ;)

  44. Hi wang jian shuo,

    found your website by chance- very entertaining and informative. am new in shanghai, do not know the language, and know very few people here – so finding your website seemed like meeting up with friends. you definitely didnt waste my 2 hours! thanks for spending time to do this. good job and keep going!!!

  45. Hi, Jianshuo,

    Thanks a lot for your website on Pudong Airport. I can’t believe that after 3 hours of web-surfing, I couldn’t find any official website that gives the “right” kind of information. You saved me a lot of time and frustration. I really appreciate your hard work.

    Happy Holidays!


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