Volunteer for Beijing Olympics

Want to be a volunteer for Beijing Olympics in 2008? Recently, the recruiting started.

The recruiting of Beijing Olympics Volunteer starts from Aug 28, 2006 to end of March, 2008.

Stage 1: Beijing Volunteers

From August 28, 2006, the program opens to applicants in Beijing (and Beijing only).

Stage 2: China Volunteers

From Dec, 2006, people from outside Beijing can submit their application.

Stage 3: Overseas Volunteers

By March 2007, people from outside China (including in other countries) can apply for volunteering in Olympics 2008.

The Program

Travel, hotel are not provided. Only working meal is available for volunteers (makes sense, isn’t it?)

If you have any questions, just call Olympics Volunteer hotline


According to news, 100k college students has applied for the position after three days of recruiting. 50,000 to 100,000 volunteers are needed for the game.

If you want to participant, just call the number and ask more questions about the program. However, my guess is, to be admitted to the program is not easy.

For more information:

Olympic Jobs – Beijing 2008

Beijing Olympic Volunteer Program launched (photos attached)

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Beijing Olympic volunteers get call-up

Wheat Powder Fuwa (Olympic Mascots)

© Jian Shuo Wang. Shot in the Changfeng Park of Shanghai

See this picture. I took it in Changfeng Park – the Beijing 2008 Olympic Mascots created by the woman. She used wheat powder and color to create the toys.

P.S. Previous Issue of BusinessWeek on Microsoft

The Sept 26, 2005 issue of BusinessWeek is wonderful. I read almost every single article on this issue. The article “Troubling Exits At Microsoft” is a good one, as other articles in the magazine. I was surprised to two things: 1) BusinessWeek is sensitive to new stuff like AJAX, Tag, or Cyworld. 2) One statement in comment on this site is true: “No readers are interested in the questions interviewees are willing to answer”. There are many tough questions for Steve Baller. One example was “[some employees] question whether you should be CEO. What’s your response?”. OMG…

Beijing 2008 Olympic Mascots

The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was unvieled today:

Image in courtesy of Beijing-2008.org

How do you like it?

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Update November 14, 2005

Huge traffic to this site again. Seems it has been indexed by Google 3 days after it was posted as the first page result for terms like olympic mascots, beijing mascots, even Beijing 2008. Amazing…

Since everyone is here, let me share some Beijing 2008 resources with you.

Report from Sina, China’s largest portal

The offical website (English, Chinese)

Athens 2004 Olympic Opening


Now I am here in waiting for the opening of the Olympic game. China is 5 hours earlier than Athens. When the Opening Ceremony of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games starts at 20:30 on August 13, 2004, it is already 1:30 AM in the morning of August 14. I just called Wendy. Wendy will not watch it since she will continue to learn to drive tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM.


Image in courtesy of Google.com

It is exactly 4 years before the Olympic comes to Beijing in 2008. The city is preparing itself for the coming game. I am now on the 8th floor of Shangri-La Beijing. Beside this newly decorated old building (from 1980s) is a planned second tower – which is higher and bigger than the current one. It will be completed by 2006. It is obviously Shangri-La is betting a good revenue stream during the Olympic Games (and after it).

As what Shangri-La does, other hotels are moving to Beijing. Ritz Carlton will open at Financial Street in 2006. JW Marriott will open a new hotel in Beijing at 2007. The hotels are helping build Beijing as a better place.

But at the same time, the full pause of all major Olympic stadium hits the headlines of major media today. People in this city or in this country started to calm down from the cult for Olympic and recalculated the cost and decide to change designers of the stadiums. The Beijing Olympic Committee also delayed the construction to 2007 from previously planned 2006. This is nice move, isn’t it?


Athans 2008 Olympic Game in Greek

Beijing 2008 Olympic Emblem Unvieled


Credit: Beijing Olympic Organising Committee (BOCOG).

What do you think of this logo? Well. To me, the first impression is a little big disappointing. It is nature for any design possible – people need some time to get used to a new design.

After looking at it for about 1 minute, I totally accepted it and love it. It reflects the character of China’s culture – the seal, the calligraphic and stone-cutting….

Let us know how well you like it.