Volunteer for Beijing Olympics

Want to be a volunteer for Beijing Olympics in 2008? Recently, the recruiting started.

The recruiting of Beijing Olympics Volunteer starts from Aug 28, 2006 to end of March, 2008.

Stage 1: Beijing Volunteers

From August 28, 2006, the program opens to applicants in Beijing (and Beijing only).

Stage 2: China Volunteers

From Dec, 2006, people from outside Beijing can submit their application.

Stage 3: Overseas Volunteers

By March 2007, people from outside China (including in other countries) can apply for volunteering in Olympics 2008.

The Program

Travel, hotel are not provided. Only working meal is available for volunteers (makes sense, isn’t it?)

If you have any questions, just call Olympics Volunteer hotline


According to news, 100k college students has applied for the position after three days of recruiting. 50,000 to 100,000 volunteers are needed for the game.

If you want to participant, just call the number and ask more questions about the program. However, my guess is, to be admitted to the program is not easy.

For more information:

Olympic Jobs – Beijing 2008

Beijing Olympic Volunteer Program launched (photos attached)

Olympic volunteer recruitment begins

Beijing Olympic volunteers get call-up

36 thoughts on “Volunteer for Beijing Olympics

  1. the least they can do is to help arrange accomodation for out of town volunteers, what do they expect? volunteers to pay thousands of yuan for lodgings on the open market for the honour of helping out! home stays with beijng families is one option.

  2. this is china (i hate this when everytime other people say this to me)… they have over supply of manpower and to be specific : cheap-man-power.

    they dont care about the welfare. they only provide the most basic need like the ‘working meal’.

    even when they only provide the basics, they already have 100k local students applicants and the number will grow day by day and you cant stop it. if want to become a volunteer… its either take it or leave it… thats the deal.


  3. “to be admitted to the program is not easy”… exactly. I heard most of the volunteers would be college students, and I really doubt if I’ll have time that summer to do volunteering work (at least) seven days in a row. But for many young Chinese people, working for Olympics, especially this one, is such a proud thing.

    I filled the form on the first day the committee announced they were looking for volunteers. No response so far, but have to wait. :)

    “Welcome to Beijing!”

  4. If travel, hotel are provided. Volunteer are means volunteer or not? I think if all these provided, there must many people want to be, just guessing.

  5. I was hoping to volunteer… Guess it is not going to happen because I can’t see myself paying for my own hotel for the duration of the Olympics. Think about the almost surely skyrocketing rates… I guess I will have to wait until Shanghai is hosting!!

    Fei, I see your point but a nice alternative to hotels would be letting the volunteers to stay at Univserity dorms in Beijing. I imagine since the school is out in the summer there should be plenty of empty rooms that maybe the government or the organizing committee can secure for housing volunteers.

  6. er-ling-ling-ba Olympics really sucks.

    Beijing ONLY got chosen for the 2008 Olympics in a hope from the olympic committee, that it would make the “opening of China” to speed up. And what happened jst recently ?

    Now the government have wisely decided that all foreign news must be filtered by Xinhua first !


    Haha, that’s really funny, they will get SO busy !

    Perhaps they won’t even have time to filter MY emails then :-)

    It still sucks.

    The chinese people now have to wait much longer for improvements of social welfare, because for the government it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to spend RMB on this “game” of professional athletes, just to have a chance of promoting themselves.

    How many free hospitals can you make for RMB ?

    I guess I need these hospitals now, because the thought of it makes ME SICK !

    I will not watch 1 minute of this “show”.

    And for the volunteers, they don’t understand a shit of what’s happening around them…

    Why work for free, when the expenses is RMB ?

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  8. i am chinese but can speak korean and english. i am study english in Ireland atmoment. how i can apply to ba a volunteer.i was volunteer special olympics onece in Ireland,maybe this will be little help?

  9. John Berlau gives journalism a bad name. He approached me about an article and my employer would not let me do it. He basically extorted me into making them compromise. He’s not good enough to deal with them himself. He said he would write stuff about me that made me look incompetent.

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  10. Hi!!!My name is Erica. I am an italian girl and I am a student.I would be a volunteer. I speak chinese, english, hindi and a little bit of spanish. Let me know!! THANKS!!

  11. Why would you guys think about all the pointless stuff? You know, the whole point of volunteering is NOT to get paid. I don’t what is wrong with you guys but volunteering is about having fun, meeting new people, seeing new things, and so much more. China is a beautiful country, I could not careless about the current situation in China. Yes, there are corruptions, pollutions, and briberies. But just think about China’s exciting history, what her been through, I think its amazing! LOL, just take it easy on stuff eh~ I will be in Beijing in 2008 for sure!~ WHOO~~

    Well Then, take it easy guys! Don’t get so worked up eh~


  12. Hello,

    I am a graduate student in U.S.A. I’m a native spanish and Chinese speaker with fluent English. Where can I find the application and apply?

    Thanks a lot

  13. hi,i am a graduate student in greece.i m a native greek and i speak english,french and a little bit of chinese.how can i apply for working at beijing olympics?

  14. Olympics bring a lot more than just few hospitals. This is the sign to the world when everything becomes globalise, of us opening our gate to the foreign. Despite all the foreign still blame us that we still don’t open our gate wide enough. They understand our country being really native that we oppress people with guns. That’s not true, and now we are opening the door to show them. This event is the first step to let the world understands that we are trying to open up.

    People just complain all the time. Volunteer are meant to be voluntarily -FREE! What’s the point of asking fares when you are supposed to provide free service? If you understand that first, you will know it doesn’t suck, that’s how it works!!! For God’s sake, people complain about things when they can stop sitting on their butts and get up give out help. RMB is what it will cost, but it is not what it will attract. It attracts far more than that it will attract everything. Why all countries try to get the chance of hosting the Olympics– in your words–‘SHOWING OFF’? It is a show, but its a fair and competitive show. Every country that got the opportunity to host it feels over the moon, why you still stand there and moan about it without any actual action e.g. VOLUNTEER work? —- Reply to ‘Carsten’

    I suppose some of Chinese would definitely moan when we didn’t get the chance to host the game, you see, some of us still moan when others did tried their best and got the chance, for you! Be appreciated or do something!!!!! And remember don’t you dare to say a shit about the volunteers who really are trying hard to get into the game and working with losing all the chances of watching it.

  15. where can I get an application form? I am an international volunteer, based in UK currently but originally russian.

    thanks a lot!

  16. I’m with Natalia, I can’t find the application online. I can’t call internationally at the moment, so if anyone knows please post.

  17. Ya, how do we apply online. Honestly, to be an effective volunteer, its not just being good in languages but all round capabilities like easily adaptable to all situations and diverse personalities, good interpersonal skills, public relations, plenty of tact and common sense…..above willingly to go the extra mile to get things done

  18. I swear, china’s application process is so unstructured. It says that they wants foreign volunteers, but they give no information at all on it. And their WEBSITE! Farrout! It is the most un-navigateable site around. What what we meant to do? Just come back everyday and read every single news just to make sure we don’t miss out on applying?

    Wouldn’t it just be easier if they had some sort of registration of interest? Stupid cunts don’t know how to use their brains.

  19. hi guys,

    am chinese born in england uk, i speak very good english and cantonese but not (manderin) chinese, am i a foreigner or chinese oversea?

    i can find the application to

  20. Hi,

    I’m a Chinese currently studying in Singapore. I’m really keen in volunteering in the 2008 Beijing Olympics but I can’t find the online application form! I must say I share Frank Li’s exasperation…

    If anyone knows where to get the form please reply! Thanks a lot!


  21. Hi,

    I’m a Chinese from Malaysia. But currently I stay at US for an exchange programme! But i will be back next year. I know how to speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Fu Jian and Malay.

    I’m really keen in volunteering in the 2008 Beijing Olympics but i can’t find the application form! If anyone knowa where to get the form please reply! Thanks!

  22. Hi, I am a columnist for The Vancouver Sun newspaper in Vancouver, Canada (2010 Winter Games host) and would like to get in email contact with anyone who is volunteering at the Beijing Games for an on-going conversation about the preparations and during the Games. Anybody interested in corresponding can email me at dbramham@shaw.ca.


  23. there will be interviews in our university these days by the school authorties.the competition is so fierce becoz lots of students applied. so hard!

  24. Dear sir or Madam,

    Iam a University student and my department is Physical Education and Sport ( Recreation and Sports Department) at Anadolu University in Turkey. I would like to work at the Olympics Games which will be hold in Beijing. I can work as a volunteer over Olympic Games therefore, I would like to learn what I should do for getting a job ? I have not seen any application form on your official site. I would like to hear from you soon.

    Kine Regards,

    Ali Gurbuz.


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  26. Hello i study cooking right now and i am willing to work for free for the olympics,in the department of cooking,its really hard to find any info on the subject thought above the fact that they need volunteering but were are the aplications?Also cheap dorm facillities maube for us thats the least they can do .Plz if an one has or finds any info let me know .i will do the same but i have been looking for three hours and cant find anything.thx

  27. The communication for volunteering in Beijing Olympic Games has been very poor. Especially for Foreign volunteers. Beijing is promoted as being so oirganized the Greeks were much better. how can so many volunteers be prepared to make living arrangements while volunteering if they don’t know they have been accepted or not. this is a sad day for the IOC, and the OIlympic movement. the chinese get a big fat F!


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