Hangzhou Bay Bridge – More Photos

After the meeting, we get back from Cixi to Shanghai via the Hangzhou Bay Bridge again. This time, I took the front seat and was able to take more photos of the bridge. I know many of my readers will enjoy the latest update of the bridge.

The weather of today is not very good, and as normal, there is no blue sky, and the visibility today is pretty low. Sorry for the low quality of the photos.

Below: Big bill boards are ready along the road on the South Side of the bridge. I believe the next time I am there, they are all covered by ads – but don’t you think there are too many bill boards there?

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Below: The last change to leave the bridge

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

The bridge has another name: Ningbo Section of Shenhai Haiway 深海高速宁波段. The highway cross the whole country, running from the north Shenyang to Haikou in Hainan Island.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

The sign reads: Hangzhou Bay Bridge, 35673m in Length

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Below: The clearer view of the Island in the Sea.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

The first pole of the suspension structure of the bridge. There are three of them

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

The second and the third pole:

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

The top structure of the pole:

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

The first big intersection after getting tot he north side of the bridge is the Hangpu Highway, the second highway connecting Hangzhou and Pudong, other than the A8 Huhang Expressway. As you can see from the sign, turning the Hangpu Expressway exit, you can get to Yangshan Port, and Pudong Airport, and also A5, A6, A30.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Keep going and you can get to the intersection with the A8 (to be more exact, the highway of the Hangzhou Bridge has been officially named G15).

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Turning right, you get to Shanghai and turning left, you are going to Hangzhou.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

I hope one day I will try the A4 -> Hangpu Expressway -> Hangzhou Bay Bridge route.

The road on the bridge is just like normal expressway in China.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Hangzhou Bay Bridge – Just a Bridge

I am in Cixi, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, to attend a media and advertisement conference of Pudong District. A conference organized by Administration of Industry and Commercial. To be fair, the government doing real business is wonderful, and I enjoy the conversation with them, and they did great job! I have to give my full acknowledgment to them.

OK. Then I get back to my main topic. We used the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, as I promised, I will post picture of the bridge on my site when I visit it personally.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is ….. hmmm…. Just a Bridge

I had high expectation for this bridge, but my own experience told me, no matter how significant the position of the bridge it, it is still, just a bridge, a longer bridge. I mean, on the bridge, you just feel it is a normal highway, and there is no significant spot of interest there.

Below is the only thing attracted my attention during the 20 minute tour:

It is still under construction. It should be an emergency helicopter parking lot.

Obviously, the opening of the bridge is a very big thing for cities on the south side of the bridge, a much bigger news than it is to Shanghai.

In Cixi, you can see this image everywhere:

On the bill board writes: “Bridge promotes Opening Up, and Reform Makes Stronger Cixi”.

My Impression

A bridge did change the fate of many cities, like Cixi and Ningbo a lot, and it also changes the life of people on the south side of the bridge, as well as on people on the north side. I am very confident that mega projects like this will push the economy of China foreword.

For example, in the area of the Cixi new district. I see many buildings are under construction. Without the bridge, there is no point that we come to this city for a meeting, or they build so many office buildings and hotels.

Hope you like the photos of the bridge. I am sorry that I was not able to show you a bird view of the 30+ km bridge, since I took bus instead of plane anyway. From a bus rider’s experience, it is nothing more interesting than a longer bridge. Really!

Review at Yifan’s 1st Birthday

Yifan is 1 year old. What a significant milestone for him.

I admit just as most parents, the first month was so exciting, and everything is new to us, and we noticed every single details of him, and our lives changed a lot because of the arrival of this little boy. In the next year, the life went on, and we started to get to normal family life, and didn’t spend every single day as holiday as we did at the very beginning. I am shocked by the fact that before I really noticed, Yifan is already one year old, and the image of a little infant for him has gone for ever. He is now a handsome, more independent and one year boy!

I think that is the reason why people design birthday – for everyone to take the time to celebrate the milestone, and take serious time to review the past year spent with a person, and to realize how important he/she is to you. So let me take the time to do reflection about the year.

Month 1

Time of the first month, of cause, as any new father, was flying. Whenever I go, I just feel that I have put a label called “I am a new father” on my head. I just excited to tell everyone I meet that I just had a wonderful baby, and even want to show them pictures.

Month 2

The second month, Yifan has his first hair cut by professional baby hairdresser, and he look fat! He is, in his second month. As the first month, he is still small, and sleep all the time and wake up just to eat, or when we take him bath. He kept sleeping in the first four months.

Month 3

Yifan in his third month grows even fatter than the second month. When Wendy and I look back at the photos of his 3rd month, we realized that Yifan is not as handsome as we firmly believed at that time. :-) How blind parents are. However, we both firmly believe that in current Yifan is much more lovely, and is getting more and more cute – which is absolutely true at any time in the eyes of parents. So don’t talk about object with parents. :-)

Month 4

In the 4th month, Yifan’s neck is still soft, and we have to carry him with hands. At some point, I envy other parents, because their children have been old enough to use their necks to support heads. However, quickly when Yifan can also do that, I realized for the first time, that Yifan is already independent a lot, and is no longer an infant.

Month 5

Yifan spent the time when he started to be able to use his neck to support his head, and be able to move in winter. In all pictures, he wears a lot. That obviously restricted his movement a lot, and he didn’t crawl very often in winters. That also explains why he crawls as fast as rabbit when he is 1 year old – he wears much less that at that time.

Month 6

This month, Yifan is able to sit firmly, and really LOVE to take bath.

Month 7

In month 7, toys started to mean a lot to Yifan. He starts to build his relationship with the toys he has. He love to grasp something, and keep it in his hand for a lot time. Once his grandpa gave him a small yellow plastic circle, and he grasped it in his hand from the early morning, went out twice that day, slept twice during the day, and still have it at night when he went to bed.

Month 8

At the 8th month, Yifan started to show interest to walk. Although he cannot walk, he enjoys to stand up with our help, and love to push a bench forward to support him to walk. He crawls a lot also. The best thing is, he had his first two teeth, although the rest still didn’t come out when he is 1 year old.

Month 9

In his 9th month, I really regard him as a boy instead of a infant. He looks like a boy – high and heavy. He starts to wear cloths designed for boys, and we went to Hangzhou. It is the first city he every visited other than Shanghai.

Month 10

Yifan gets back to Wendy’s home town, Nanyang, with us. There, he grows up a lot because he saw many things he never saw on the street, and there are many people in the family that Wendy and I even cannot get a chance to take him in our arms.

Month 11

Back from Nanyang, Yifan is just like graduated from a sport school. He changed to another person, and started to crawl everywhere in the home. The whole home started to be small for him. He is just like Columbus, and visited every corner of every room.

Month 12

In his 12th month, Yifan has his own independent thinking, and shows it very clearly. I started to lose the power to get him do something, no matter it is eating, or pissing, or playing. He has his own schedule, that we HAVE TO respect. Otherwise, he will fight physically, or cry if he lose. He starts to play games with us. His favorite (also mine) is, I build a small house somewhere with wood, and when he found out, he will crawl across the whole room fast, and destroy it. Then I move to another very far location, and he will find out and destroy it. We will play this game almost everyday in the 2 weeks at the month end.

The Second Year

In Yifan’s second year, I will try to spend more time with him since he starts to know clearly that he loves to be with his father – I am not guessing. I am very sure. I want to make sure to spend one hour with Yifan every day when I am in Shanghai, and bring him outside to see the world. And of cause, I will record the happy and sweet time we had together on this blog from time to time. I hope I am a good father.

I Hope We can Start to Talk about History

Today is a special day in Chinese history.

What happened on the early morning in the history remain a topic that is not allowed to discuss. However, I do hope that one day, China really opens up and allow people to discuss about what happened in the past. With enough wisdom, we can face it and find a better way to solve problems.

19 years have past, and I think everyone involved, including those standing-by like myself, has been thinking about what happened. With the 19 years of reflection, I believe the whole generation have been more mature than they are, and the people is more mature. Taking me as an example, I have realized there are problems in the students side also, and it is the protesting group and the government that caused the tragedy. My current understanding is, at the beginning, everything went one well, but at the later stage, one side is a crazy government and the other side is a group of crazy students, both of which didn’t give any room to another alternative. I do hope we can start to preserve more facts, and be able to start to talk about history, and think about the future of China.

Zhuazhou – Gift Picking at 1 Year Old

One of the Chinese tradition for kid is Zhuazhou, or gift picking at 1 year old.

Zhua = Grasp
Zhou = 1 Year Old

According to the tradition, child at exactly 1 year old (typically at birthday) will be presented with many things, and each of them has a meaning and represents a profession. The child will pick up something he/she is interested, and thus people want to tell what the boy/girl will be when he/she grows up. There is no fixed list of things to present, and obviously things changes from accident China to today. The meanings are also not fixed, and parents can decide what everything means before give them to the kid.

Here is what we prepared for Yifan.


  • Book represent scholar
  • Red drawing pen represent artist
  • The mouse represent IT and computer related profession
  • Calculator represents business person
  • Shoe represents traveler
  • Brush pen represent writer
  • Ruler represents lawyer
  • Medicine represents doctor
  • Ping Pong ball represents sport
  • Stamp represents politics and power
  • Chopsticks represent epicure
  • ….

Later, we added mobile phone to the list. Hmmm.., representing communication, or EE (electronic engineering) major in university.

Yifan’s Pick

Yifan first got his mom’s mobile phone quickly, and keep it on the left hand all the time, then touched the chopsticks briefly before he grasped the calculator with his right hand. Then he played for a long time with the two toys.


So my conclusion is, he will be a engineering major, and turns into a businessman – just like I did. :-) Sounds pretty good for me. Well done, Yifan.


Later, he also spent some time with the mouse – he loves the click-click of the buttons, and the long line behind it. He seems to love computer also.


Finally, pickup the stamp, and changed from left hand to right hand, and back and forth…

Again, happy birthday to Yifan, and thanks for Wendy to bring this wonderful kid to our life, and the effort put to Yifan’s life. Of cause there is no any scientific reasoning behind it. It is just like the birthday party that we prepared for him, to tell Yifan his parents, and grandparents love him, and wish him to have his own great life.

Plastic Bags and Gas Shortage – My Observation

Today is not only an International Children’s Day, it is also the first day China ban retailers to provide free plastic bags to shoppers.

I didn’t shop today, but yesterday, when I bought a toy for Yifan, I already saw the price list for plastic bags in Grant Gateway.

The big yellow plastic bag cost 1.00 RMB, and the smallest bag cost 0.1 RMB. We will need to wait and see how this policy is enforced. It is said retailers will be fined for 10,000 RMB for providing free bags to consumers. Although as any policy, I don’t see a democratic process to pass this regulation, it is a good one that I support.

Gas Shortage

In the morning, I start to observe people get to work late just because they pass a gas station or two on the way. Now besides 0# gas, #90 and #93 gas is also in shortage. I first reported 0# shortage in Oct, 2007, and found out diesel shortage started to cause traffic jam, I didn’t expect 90# and 93# gas are also in shortage. In media, I saw drivers line up for 2 km to fill in the gas, and even taxi drivers were forced to use #97, instead of cheaper #90.

I went to gas station just now. It is still OK, just as normal days. Maybe I am lucky. I will report later to see how the situation goes.

Juilliard Orchestra Coming to Shanghai

Good news. Juilliard Orchestra is coming to Shanghai Grand Theater from June 4, and June 5.

I would completely ignore the event since the embarrassingly lack of knowledge of dancing, drama, and music – the area Juilliard School enjoys international fame, but because of YLF, the situation changed a lot.

During the 2007 Nanjing trip of YLF, I had the honor to meet with the president of Juilliard School, and he spent about 2 hours explain why art (especially, dancing, drama and music) can help the society. It was exactly at that time people debate so heatedly about whether to spend money on poverty, art or space technology. Just FYI, the most extreme quote from the discussion was “every dollar spent on art is killing some one somewhere – people are referring lack of resources to fight against poverty. Anyway, that was a wonderful discussion.

They just had a phenomenal concert in Beijing days ago, and will come to Shanghai. Here is the press release

I feel that I need to do something to make sure it is a great event for students in Juilliad School. So here is the short advertisement:

If any of you might be interested in buying a block of tickets for clients, associates, please you can contact Wang Min of Shanghai Grand Theatre at wangmin AT shgtheatre.com.