International Channel Shanghai – ICS

Anyone noticed the newly launched International Channel Shanghai from Oriental TV? It is a new channel from Oriental TV, just like the News Channel, Drama Channel, Documentation Channel…

Finally, Shanghai has its own English TV channel. That is a great news for expats in Shanghai. In 2000, it is hard to find a good web page for Pudong Airport, and in 2008, Shanghai has it own English TV Channel, that is really good progress….

I am watching the program. For the news section, it is the translated from the News Channel. It is pretty effecient, because foreigners do deserve some information, although it does not neccessrily need to be completely newly shot.

I know ICS because of two reason. One – I stumbled upon the program on my TV, but didn’t pay too much attention. Second, Coco from ICS sent an invitation to me to attend a talkshow program on ICS channel. Hmmm… Maybe you will see the program in March – it is a talk show called Culture Matters… If you are expat, or foreign visitors, don’t worry. I heard the talk show will be in English.

P.S. I just saw Japanese language program on ICS also.

My Project Directory

I just found out a directory on my laptop – the Project direction, holding part of the project I have worked on when I was in Microsoft. Hmm…. That is long time ago. Although the time shows 2007 (the time I copied them to this laptop), the real created time is from 2000 to 2005.

D:\my\D. Projects Direction

02/07/2008  09:30 PM    <DIR>          .
02/07/2008  09:30 PM    <DIR>          ..
10/09/2007  06:19 PM    <DIR>          Air
02/09/2007  07:58 AM    <DIR>          Antares
10/09/2007  06:21 PM    <DIR>          AntBackup
02/09/2007  07:58 AM    <DIR>          AutoComplete
02/09/2007  07:58 AM    <DIR>          B2BTemplate
10/09/2007  06:25 PM    <DIR>          CampusRecruiting
10/09/2007  06:25 PM    <DIR>          China Mobile
02/09/2007  07:43 AM    <DIR>          CodePlace
10/09/2007  06:26 PM    <DIR>          CoffeeBean
10/09/2007  06:27 PM    <DIR>          Communities
10/09/2007  06:28 PM    <DIR>          Conference
02/09/2007  07:59 AM    <DIR>          ESS
02/09/2007  07:59 AM    <DIR>          Lab
08/16/2007  06:00 PM    <DIR>          Lenovo
02/09/2007  08:02 AM    <DIR>          Longmen
06/08/2007  11:39 AM    <DIR>          map3
10/09/2007  06:30 PM    <DIR>          MAT
02/09/2007  08:02 AM    <DIR>          MCS
10/29/2007  11:22 AM    <DIR>          movabletype-php-dao
02/09/2007  08:02 AM    <DIR>          MSF
10/09/2007  06:35 PM    <DIR>          MSFTI
02/09/2007  08:02 AM    <DIR>          MVP Platform
02/02/2008  03:41 PM    <DIR>          MVP Sumit
02/09/2007  08:06 AM    <DIR>          MyBusStop
10/09/2007  06:36 PM    <DIR>          New York
10/09/2007  06:36 PM    <DIR>          NewCo
02/09/2007  08:07 AM    <DIR>          OrientHome
02/09/2007  08:08 AM    <DIR>          PartnerListeningSystem
02/09/2007  08:08 AM    <DIR>          Passport
02/09/2007  08:09 AM    <DIR>          Personal Suite M1
02/09/2007  08:09 AM    <DIR>          Profile
07/25/2007  02:02 PM    <DIR>          PSSSummit
02/09/2007  08:10 AM    <DIR>          Robin
09/05/2007  10:53 PM    <DIR>          RoundTheUSTrip
02/09/2007  08:10 AM    <DIR>          RushGo
02/09/2007  08:10 AM    <DIR>          S&M Training
02/13/2007  12:14 PM    <DIR>          ShanghaiMap
02/09/2007  08:11 AM    <DIR>          Smile
02/09/2007  08:12 AM    <DIR>          SocialSoftware
02/09/2007  08:13 AM    <DIR>          SoftwarePark
02/09/2007  08:14 AM    <DIR>          SolutionLab
02/09/2007  08:14 AM    <DIR>          TechEd
10/09/2007  06:37 PM    <DIR>          TechTalk
02/09/2007  08:14 AM    <DIR>          USClarify
02/09/2007  08:15 AM    <DIR>          WebRAID
10/23/2007  06:17 PM    <DIR>          Wedding

Any of them takes very much time, and effort to complete. Let me try to explain some of them – those projects reminds of old times, and even reminds me that I have ever had some kind of knowlege that I am now not aware of.

5 Billion SMS Sent Yesterday

The number I got from CCTV today is, 5 billion SMS (Short Message) were sent yesterday. With the adoption of SMS, this is not surprising any more.

The Spring Festival of last two years were already full of SMS:

This year, I am not as passionate as before, since all kind of group send tool has made greeting as part of automatic process. When I receive a SMS, I am not sure about whether this person send it to me, or just to confirm that my mobile phone number is in his/her address book.

As always, my mobile phone doesn’t have any signal in my bedroom – I need to complain to China Mobile when they uninstalled a station nearby. When I bring my mobile phone to my garden, and get back in a few minutes, I "harvested" 97 unread SMS. Thanks for my friends who still remember me, no matter it is intentionally New Year’s Greeting, or the result of auto-sender.


In the morning, the result of the fireworks is everywhere.


After days of snow storm, it is sunny today. Yifan and the family went to Super Brand Mall in Lujiazui.


The family – Wendy, me, and Yifan are together!


Yifan had a wonderful bath today – the white cotton in his ear is to prevent water from running into his ears.


Watching Spring Festival TV Show Now

I am watching tihs year’s Spring Festival TV Show on CCTV now. It is from 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM next day.

This is the 20th year of the same TV show. According to the latest statistic, 500 million people in China are watching this program, and maybe the TV program with the largest audience.

Fireworks are everywhere outside the window. However, with the Snow Storm across China, this Spring Festival is not as excited as the previous few.

P.S. For the next few days, I am on vacation, and I bought some DVD to watch. The interesting thing is, most of the DVD I bought are the latest movies that were just put into theatres, and they are GENUINE copies. Also, these genuine copies are selling at very cheap price – 15 to 12 RMB (2 USD). I talked about a copy of the genuine DVD before, but this time, they have so many genuine copies! In a store of 1,000 completely pirated DVD, 10 genuine DVDs are still not too much.

Snow Scene in Shanghai Again

This is the snow scene of my garden again, taken in yesterday morning.


Compare the photo above to this one. The below one was taken on Feb 1, 2005, in my article Heavy Snow in Shanghai. I should not have called it heavy snow compared to this year’s snow. Of cause, everything is relative. It is nothing for many places, like Canada, but it is really rare in Shanghai.


In Feb 2004, when it  snowed, I said:

Wow. Shanghai is Snowing

Hey, Hey, Shanghai is snowing…

Incrediable! Wowo. It is snowing in Shanghai!

I even explained to many friends that there IS snow in winter in Shanghai, although it snowed just once every two or three years.

Below are the photos I took the yesterday morning.








The car – after cleaning the day before yesterday, it is covered by snow again.

Why Snow Caused Power Failure

I was wondering why snow in south China caused large scale power failure – snow is snow, and electricity power is electricity power. What is the connection?

Wendy sent me the photo, and I was shocked. This is what happened in South China in the last two weeks…








The Most Severe Disaster I Experienced

Recently, I experienced the most severe disaster I have ever experienced in China. The snow + the Spring Festival transportation peak made the country a mess. To be exact, this may not be the most severe disaster, but I didn’t experience it personally in the previous few, but this one, I feel people around me are impacted, and can imagine how bad the situation is.

On the way home, I listened to the radio and there is a story about a woman and her 22 day old infant was stack in the middle of the highway for 7 days, and were sent to hospital. This is just one of the almost one million of people on their way home.

Due to the snow in South China, many roads are completely blocked, and long distance bus were stuck there for 7 or more days. Instant noodle is reported to raise to 80 RMB from 1-3 RMB – and you can get it only after you still have money (after spending it to buy expensive goods), and you are lucky enough to find a seller. I cannot imagine to be stuck in the bus for so many days in snow – of cause there will be no air conditioning.

Zhangzhou in Hunan enters its 8th days out of water and electricity. Many places are the same. The whole country suffers from electricity shortage, and half of the 30+ provinces experience electricity pause.

There are still so many people rushing to train station and bus station, although there are no bus departure or train there.

In the next few days, my friends and colleges are heading back home. Good luck to them!

Shanghai Snows Again

I cannot imagine Shanghai could ever have such heavy snow! I simply cannot believe this is Shanghai!

The following photos were taken this afternoon – I am sure now it is completely covered by snow. Do you know why it looks blur and not so clear? Because of the heavy snow this afternoon.

I do doubt whether airplane can take off.

DSC03288 DSC03279 DSC03280 DSC03281 DSC03282 DSC03283 DSC03284 DSC03285 DSC03286 DSC03287

Snow of the last few days

These are the photos I took the other day.


DSC03252 DSC03253


I even have a small piece of video:

On Flickr, I found jutech‘s good Shanghai roof in snow:


Stock Market is the Same

For China stock, it is the same – sharp dump from 6000 points to 4300…

Feb 1 is a Big Day

I can comfortably say that I deserve a good sleep tonight – really good sleep, after the work for one year.