Snow Scene in Shanghai Again

This is the snow scene of my garden again, taken in yesterday morning.


Compare the photo above to this one. The below one was taken on Feb 1, 2005, in my article Heavy Snow in Shanghai. I should not have called it heavy snow compared to this year’s snow. Of cause, everything is relative. It is nothing for many places, like Canada, but it is really rare in Shanghai.


In Feb 2004, when it  snowed, I said:

Wow. Shanghai is Snowing

Hey, Hey, Shanghai is snowing…

Incrediable! Wowo. It is snowing in Shanghai!

I even explained to many friends that there IS snow in winter in Shanghai, although it snowed just once every two or three years.

Below are the photos I took the yesterday morning.








The car – after cleaning the day before yesterday, it is covered by snow again.

8 thoughts on “Snow Scene in Shanghai Again

  1. Hi Jianshuo, it is HEAVY snow!!! I noticed one thing, here, when we park our cars before storm, we usually lift the wipers off the windshield to prevent them from freezing to the glass.

  2. amazing! any photos of Nanjing Buxingjie … curious to know how it’ll look like with snow-covered pavement … all in China affected by the freak weather, travel safe and have a happy CNY …

  3. HI,where you are live??I mean which district?

    sorry for my clownery,due to my stronger desire for comunicate people in English,

    can i get you Email?

    thank you

    and i also seen the incredible snow in shanghai .

    an amazing picture for us but not so good for another people who really want to come back to their hometown…

    but still a wonderful weather.

  4. Amazing! How is it today, as it’s getting so close to CNY? Ours just melted, but should have anywhere from 3-12 inches (7.6 -30 cm) by this time on Wednesday. Like you said, normal for Canada (and the northern U.S., where I live), but not so common in Shanghai. Do you have any more Jiao Da pictures? Oh how I miss seeing the snow there! With the ice storms in Southern China, is it getting any better? I saw items on CCTV-9 where the relief workers were getting some supplies to villagers, but the station was also advertising for donations. Where is Wendy, that she took pictures of the damage there?

    Stay warm and safe and God bless you this new year!

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