Interesting. Look at this http://www.justin.tv/。 Richard sent me the link.

This is exactly what I am looking for. This is what exactly what I think the future blogging will be.

There is a Microsoft Research project to record everything (including sound and picture) of your life. I like this idea. I know it is not possible to process the 2G of data (daily!) with the current technology, but there must be some time it is possible.

Justin made a further step by broadcasting it in real time. I am not sure if I want to do it as Justin (well. I am sure I won’t do it), but I am pretty comfortable to record everything like Justin for my personal record. After 20 years, it must be very funny to rewind and see what happened when I am still young.

Kijiji SJTU Office

Yesterday, I posted some picture of the view from my window in my Kijiji. It seems many people from SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) are interested in the view of the old campus. So today, let me post some pictures about our lovely office of Kijiji. I enjoy working in this office very much. These pictures were taken in Jan before we moved into the Kijiji office.

Today during a conversation with someone in the industry, we agreed there is not too much secret for a startup (like Kijiji), because it is rarely about a secret, it is all about the execution. So this is the secret place we work at. So I proudly presents the Kijiji SJTU office!

Before we Moved in

© Jian Shuo Wang, in Kijiij SJTU office

© Jian Shuo Wang, in Kijiij SJTU office

© Jian Shuo Wang, in Kijiij SJTU office

© Jian Shuo Wang, in Kijiij SJTU office

The First Day

© Jian Shuo Wang, in Kijiij SJTU office

© Jian Shuo Wang, in Kijiij SJTU office

© Jian Shuo Wang, in Kijiij SJTU office

© Jian Shuo Wang, in Kijiij SJTU office

© Jian Shuo Wang, in Kijiij SJTU office

© Jian Shuo Wang, in Kijiij SJTU office

P.S. After we moved into that building, so many people asked me how to get into it. It is not impossible, but it is hard.

View of SJTU

SJTU = Shanghai Jiao Tong University

This is the view outside my office – the window is immediately at my left.

Sping comes, and the great grassland was full of people – in twos or threes. I believe they will be very happy about the sunshine.


Just sent out a PPT, and it is 1:22 AM. I usually do not stay so late – this is the rare occasion. To keep life and work balance is still my key philosophy. Going back to sleep now. There is no (actual) blog today.

GPRS Package from China Mobile

When Internet is shifting from computer, laptop to mobile, it is critical to find out exactly how China Mobile charges you for GPRS. Here is the guide (sorry for posting it late, since I know many people have asked for this information)

Level 1: No Package

If you have a mobile and you haven’t call China Mobile to subscribe to any GPRS package, you are customer of this package. It is the unified fee:

0.03 RMB per 1K of traffic

This is very expensive, as you may calculate. A typical web page is 10K – 100K. That means the shortest page is equal to 1 minute of phone call.

Don’t be silly to use this package, but the majority of visitors are using this package.

Level 2: 5 RMB for 10 Megabytes of CMWAP Traffic

This is much better, 1/60 of the first level (or 0.0005 RMB per 1K traffic).

Before I continue, I have to explain about the difference between CMWAP, and CMNET.

For more carriers, there are only one GPRS network – all mobiles access the Internet as if it is a terminal computer on Internet – they have their own public IP addresses. This is what CMNET exactly means (CMNET = China Mobile Internet)

For CMWAP, you cannot access the Internet. You can only access a very small part of it – those WAP sites directly connected with China Mobile. For example, you cannot use MSN Messenger on your Windows Mobile, and cannot access your email at home.

Of cause, there are many ways to workaround this limitation.

Level 3: 20 RMB for Unlimited CMWAP

If you understand the limitation of CMWAP, this is the package for you:

20 RMB for Unlimited CMWAP

Level 4: 20 RMB for 50M of CMWAP or CMNET

This is the package I am using.

20 RMB for 50M of CMWAP or CMNET

If you exceed 50M of traffic, you pay 0.01 RMB per Kilobytes

To give you some ideas of how much 50 M is, let me share my data.

In March, I used 19M of traffic (40% of the allowrance). This is the application I used:

Gmail (http://gmail.com)

ActiveSync, I have every email in my Exchange email box (and I typically read on my mobile first)

Web pages (Google Reader Mobile Edition, and My Comment RSS) – daily

Other web application.

So I believe it is good for most people.

Level 5: 100 RMB for 800 M

Level 6: 200 RMB for 2000M

Level 7: 500 RMB for Unlimited CMNET and CMWAP

I don’t have idea about who should use this level.


In summary, I suggest 20 RMB for 50 M CMNET and CMWAP access is good for most of GPRS users.