GPRS Package from China Mobile

When Internet is shifting from computer, laptop to mobile, it is critical to find out exactly how China Mobile charges you for GPRS. Here is the guide (sorry for posting it late, since I know many people have asked for this information)

Level 1: No Package

If you have a mobile and you haven’t call China Mobile to subscribe to any GPRS package, you are customer of this package. It is the unified fee:

0.03 RMB per 1K of traffic

This is very expensive, as you may calculate. A typical web page is 10K – 100K. That means the shortest page is equal to 1 minute of phone call.

Don’t be silly to use this package, but the majority of visitors are using this package.

Level 2: 5 RMB for 10 Megabytes of CMWAP Traffic

This is much better, 1/60 of the first level (or 0.0005 RMB per 1K traffic).

Before I continue, I have to explain about the difference between CMWAP, and CMNET.

For more carriers, there are only one GPRS network – all mobiles access the Internet as if it is a terminal computer on Internet – they have their own public IP addresses. This is what CMNET exactly means (CMNET = China Mobile Internet)

For CMWAP, you cannot access the Internet. You can only access a very small part of it – those WAP sites directly connected with China Mobile. For example, you cannot use MSN Messenger on your Windows Mobile, and cannot access your email at home.

Of cause, there are many ways to workaround this limitation.

Level 3: 20 RMB for Unlimited CMWAP

If you understand the limitation of CMWAP, this is the package for you:

20 RMB for Unlimited CMWAP

Level 4: 20 RMB for 50M of CMWAP or CMNET

This is the package I am using.

20 RMB for 50M of CMWAP or CMNET

If you exceed 50M of traffic, you pay 0.01 RMB per Kilobytes

To give you some ideas of how much 50 M is, let me share my data.

In March, I used 19M of traffic (40% of the allowrance). This is the application I used:

Gmail (

ActiveSync, I have every email in my Exchange email box (and I typically read on my mobile first)

Web pages (Google Reader Mobile Edition, and My Comment RSS) – daily

Other web application.

So I believe it is good for most people.

Level 5: 100 RMB for 800 M

Level 6: 200 RMB for 2000M

Level 7: 500 RMB for Unlimited CMNET and CMWAP

I don’t have idea about who should use this level.


In summary, I suggest 20 RMB for 50 M CMNET and CMWAP access is good for most of GPRS users.

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  1. Wow, unlimited bandwidth for only 500 a month! Think of all the call charges you’ll save when using VOIP (if only GPRS was fast enough).

    Do you have any info on 3G plans, if there are any in China?

  2. The unlimited package was only 200 or 300 RMB several years ago. I remember that CM discontinued the unlimited package awhile back. I didn’t know they came up with another one recently.

  3. Wang,

    Im interesting in getting my notebook the PCMCIA card so I can get on the net where ever I am – Im usually at factories in the countryside. I heard Unicom is good, but does China Mobile do anything to rival that? I like China Mobile over Unicom.

  4. How can GPRS internet access work for a visitor to China? We would like to bring a notebook with an unlocked (any network) PCMCIA GPRS card and hopefully buy a prepaid SIM, put in the SIM and then have internet access (even if slow). This is so we can get email etc without the security risks of internet cafes or hotel wifi. If not possible on prepaid we might even be able to consider a contract SIM as it could be paid for from a Chinese bank account.

    Despite some careful Googling and looking at forum posts, no-one confirms that this can actually be done successfully.

    Does anyone have experience of this desirable service?

  5. can i use a phone from overseas to access the gprs network through China Moblie.. I mean, I know the gprs frequencies are different, and even though I have gprs activated on my China Mobile sim card, I can’t seem to get online, is it my phone? It is a samsung e250 purchased in South Africa.. does anyone know what I can do to get online with the phone? no one in the retail side of things seems to know, dam asians…

  6. I just got a data plan on my mobile. I pretty much do not need my computer anymore since I do so much with my mobile phone. The neatest thing is that I can even watch naughty movies:) It is pretty neat, it’s called Mobile TV. All I do is point my phone to and they have adult mobile movies in different formats like 3gp movies, symbian, pda or whatever. If you have any other cool sites, please let me know! This one, though, even has a free daily mobile movie.

  7. Hello, everybody. May anybody tell me what is settings of GPRS (CMNET = China Mobile Internet). I mean APN and etc. And how can I subscribe to the packages of internet?

  8. I’ll be useful to give instruction on how to switch basic Level 1 to the level of someone’s choice. Access numbers, how to switch to English, e.t.c. Basically new 100 yuan SIM card comes with no instructions at all, even in Chinese.

    Currently I’m fighting with such a card :)

  9. vna2re, yes, I agree with you it is challenging to have the card installed for a foreign person. The first challenge will be, many mobile has a cool function (in this case, troublesome function) to automatically switch the interface language to that specified by the carrier or by the SIM card. So many people go nuts when they see the Chinese interface on a mobile but cannot go back to English.

  10. Hi,

    How much is the voice rate on these GPRS cards?


    i) voice rate in the city of purchase

    ii) voice rate in China

    iii) voice rate to USA

    I may decide to go for the 100 RMB card depending on this … will be in China for 10 days.


  11. What do you mean by “voice rate”? There is no voice service included in these package. It is several from GPRS. You should get your GSM package seperately.

  12. Thanks for your quick answer.

    So I can buy two separate packages on the same sim card? One prepaid GSM for voice, and one prepaid GPRS for data?

  13. I am interested in learning the answer to Nigels April 29 post regarding the use of prepaid GPRS sim cards on unlocked PCMCIA modem. If anyone knows the answer…

    I am also interested to buy a QWERTY phone with prepaid voice and GPRS sim card to use with my msexchange mail in china. I also plan to use the web browser. Can you suggest a specific handset (with English interface) or manufacturer that works well in china? It seems that Dopod is the way to go…???

    Are there any english GPS software available for said phone?

  14. hi, i just subscribed to gprs, and my mobile cannot connect to it…

    what is the ‘service centre address’ (telephone number) that i should enter to connect?

    Logon failed etc… although the people at china mobile said it is activated…

    my phone is sony p1i, bought from hong kong, using in wuxi, china now..

  15. I have paid for GPRS and world wide roaming through China mobile. In the past I was using a Treo 650 and could always access the internet via China Mobile no matter where I was in the world (US, Thailand, Malaysia). I have transferred my SIM card to a new Tytn 2 phone from HTC. I can get internet while in China and Hong Kong, but Im currently on buisness trip in India and can not access. Is there a special setting which I need to set manally on my phone? Should I be able to access internet while in India?

  16. hi there,

    that’s really a good site !!! but i still got a question:

    i’d like to send MMS via my SE mobile phone. i have a china mobile mzone prepaid card for guangzhou. could u please tell me the exact settings for sending MMS with it ?? cause the above mentioned link of the SE-site doesn’t work :(

    thx a lot !!!


    phiL =)

  17. Jianshuo, excellent article! If I had read this entry earlier, then I will have some ideas which package I should subscribe to.

    I have been using the Ru Yi Tong SIM Card from China Unicom and it’s not that good. Many functions on my phone cannot be used with this SIM card……

    I’m addicted to Twitter and it’d be nice to have a package that can send int’l txt msg. :)

  18. Great site! I have a question similar to Ed and some others. I bought a fantastic new phone (Dopod C730 HK version) in Hong Kong but am living in Wuxi, China. China mobile says my GPRS is all set up for internet. I followed configurations from CM and various sites but still cannot connect on my mobile. Dopod/HTC says I need to manually configure it (which I did) because China is not part of the Network Wizard at startup (when i boot up, I get a message that says my “current operator (46000) is not supported.” I’m asked if I want to choose another provider, but China is not on the list). Still, the settings aren’t working. Any idea what the problem could be? Here’s what I’ve got:

    “Connects to:” Internet/Secure WAP/WAP Network/Work… which one? I’ve tried each, I think.

    “Access Point:” cmwap

    “User Name” and “Password” I left blank

    “Primary DNS:” ?? empty for now

    “Secondary DNS:” ?? empty for now

    “IP Address:”

    There’s nowhere to enter a port number or


  19. guys,

    I need your help. I have here a mobile tv phone china made and I don’t know how to configure the WAP and the Internet. Manuals are all in chinese language.

  20. Hi, I may need to setup a company in China to do with mobile. What is the pay like for an experience IT personal who can take on a CTO’s role?

    any ideal what is a good online recruitment company to approached?

  21. @karen, I finally decide not to answer the question like salary range, since currently it does differs greatly. It is not as easy an question to answer like the price of coke.

  22. Dear Sir,

    I have bought a fantastic dual sim with 1.3 MP camera Mobile Phone from Mingora Swat, Pakistan but I am unfortunate because the booklet handed over to me is in chinese language. The Phone also can not be connected to internet because this is not registered with most of the cellular service providers. I will be thankful if An English translated book is published and got it registered with cellular service provider companies in Pakistan will help the business. I appreciate the sounds, cameras and touch screen facilities and the most important dual sim function of china mobile.


    Shah Khalid Muhammad, Lecturer, Department of Management Science COMSATS Institute of Information technology H-8/1, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Cell: +923445099924.

  23. Hi,

    i bought chinese mobile , but can’t use gprs/internet in my country (bahrain). i foundout that all chinese market selling in the market, can;t have internet, as the service providers (zain/batelco) do not support them….is there any way to active gprs/wap/internet on these chinese made phones? there has to be some backdoor or hack for this.

  24. sorry, i have a mobile from china an have this option GPRS CMNET, an i live in tanzania. actually i dont understand about this service.

    It means any one who have, she/ he can use it out of CHINA?

    also how does this work if i have an e-mail adress as i want to use through my mobile?


  25. I use China Mobile.I want to know my mobile’s GPRS setting. So important information [about my china mobile] given below

    Modal No. – U90 ,

    Company Name – CECT Telecommunication Co. , Ltd. ,

  26. Hi – When I roam anywhere in the region, I can access and synch my work email (outlook) through my smartphone – since I’ve been in Shanghai the last few weeks, I have not been able to do this… very frustrating!! Is this because there is no 3G network available?? Does anyone else use a Motorola Q9h or Blackberry to access and synch outlook work email in China?? I’ll spend the next couple of days in Beijing – maybe 3G is available there??

  27. Hi,

    I brought a HTC Tytn II from Singapore for use in Beijing, but was unable to send or receive mms from China Mobile.

    I tried setting up whatever information I could find from the net..

    Including the Server Name, IP address, website

    Need some assistance here.

    Many thanks!


  28. Hi,

    i bought my HTC Tytn II from hk and am wondering how could i set up the internet and stuff on it? (btw i use china mobile)

    thanks a lot!


  29. Hi over there,

    If you have any kind of chineese mobile , I am able to help you setting INTERNET and MMS working over GPRS, EDGE, UTMS Or HSDPA norms.

    It seems to be very complicated but in reality it is easy.

    Please notice that most of these models doesn’ support JAVA and other systems such as SIS etc.. I am working on developing JRE and other patches for suitable extensions.

    For any information contact me.





  30. So, how much does a prepaid card cost and how much money does it include?

    I mean, suppose it costs 100RMB, does it include 100RMB or maybe less?

    BTW, anyone can confirm that EDGE was deployed in Q4 2007?


  31. stickman, the SIM card costs 20RMB, and you can get top-up/reload cards for 30/50/100RMB.

    It might be slightly more expensive if you get it at the airport.

  32. hey guys, i m having a china TV mobile model no.TITA 321. i m using IDEA sim card.i want to activate internet/wap/gprs whatever it is.i’ve called custmer care for settings. they had told me to send GPRS H/set model to 4444. i’ve sent it many times. i’ve got a message saying that u’ll recieve settings shortly. but havnt got that settings yet.i m trying for one month. plz guys help me n plz send me necessary settings. i’ll b very greatful to u…plz guys…m waiting for ur answer…

  33. Stickman, you can choose RMB 20,50,100 or 200 face value card, there is no addtional costs for the card itself, what you buy is what you can use.

  34. Thx z & susan, that’s what I wanted to know.

    Just another question… on the CM website I found this link:

    related to GoTone (全球通,Quánqiútōng) GPRS service, but couldn’t find any info on Easyown (神州行, Shénzhōuxíng) prepaid GPRS service.

    Are we certain that GPRS is available for Easyown?

    Any relevant english links in the China Mobile website for it?

  35. Hi,

    I have bought a chinese mobile, gsm with dual sim. I live in India. With the wap I can get connected to the google search. But no other sites works out. What shall I do? Another problem with it: I can’t get connected to the net through this phone. I believe I don’t have the correct modem script. I think it is a P1i with touchscreen, not of of course of Sony Erickson. Guys, could you offer any help?

  36. i just called 10086 … they say cheapest CMWAP package is 40 RMB/month with 300M … isn’t there any information on the internet available ??

  37. i have purchased A 960 prince mobile, its fantastic .

    my question is i have tranferred audio files pc to mobile.

    but my audio player showing empty files.

    but when i played in the file manager it is functioning.

    pls let me know .

    thanku sir

  38. Jianshuo –

    I really like your blog and these entries in particular. I had a question, though, regarding choice of service for a trip to China this summer. I am travelling to Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Kunming, Guilin, and Harbin and was wondering what the best option for mobile service would be. Is there a service type (China Mobile vs. Unicom or specific services such as Shenzhouxing, etc…) that would be best for travelling to all of these cities? I have travelled a number of times to Beijing and have used the Shenzhouxing card with great success, but this is my first time travelling to more inland cities. I also will probably subscribe to a data plan. Thank you very much for your (or anyone else’s) help with this.


  39. I am looking for a friend in China named Mr. Markos Athineos.

    I lost his email when I discontinued my AOL account.

    Is there some way this blog site can send me his email address so I can make sure he is alright given the earthquke in China?

    Best wishes,

    C. Stang

  40. I am looking for a friend in China named Mr. Markos Athineos.

    I lost his email when I discontinued my AOL account.

    Is there some way this blog site can send me his email address so I can make sure he is alright given the earthquake in China?

    Best wishes,

    C. Stang

  41. hi, i got A 960 prince mobile few days back and \ its keypad doesnot work sometimes and also it hangs pls let me know whats wrong with my set

    thank you

  42. stickman, haven’t looked at the english pages… though from experience, GPRS works with both EasyOwn (prepaid) and GoTone (postpaid).

    depending on coverage, you might even get EDGE.

    no 3G, yet…

  43. Just an update, as it appears this thread won’t die :) I just switched over to China Mobile from China Unicom and got the “Level 5: 100 RMB for 800 M” package, price is still the same, also includes some free text messages, picture messages and emails, don’t remember exactly how many, but more than I think I’ll use. I just got an Iphone and was worried the 50M wouldnt cover it, at least at first while I am playing with my new toy all the time :)

  44. Hey ZL, How well does your iphone work in China? How is the speed of the internet? Do you have the first gen iphone or the new 3G? Have you found the 100RMB package to be enough for frequent use? Thanks.

  45. Greg,

    I have the first gen, the 3G iPhone will not work in China (at 3G speeds that is).

    I find the speed tends to fluctuate quite a bit, from suprisingly decent to unable to use. In general I think it is alright for normal web browsing etc. though not for higher bandwidth apps like you tube, etc.

    I just got my iPhone so I played with it quite a bit the last week or so and have used ~50MB, so I’m assuming the 800MB should be more than enough for normal use, as long as you arent doing alot of streaming video (too slow for youtube anyways)

    Will follow up once I get some more usage out of it to see where I end up, I havent done a lot of email or anything either

  46. Hey ZL, I am using an iPhone in China too and am looking to get the 50MB for 20 RMB package.

    I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind…

    Can you use GPRS with Shenzhouxing card?


    After you subscribe to the service, how do you pay for it? If it is monthly, how and where?

    Thanks for your time.


  47. Well, I figured out the iPhone thing.

    I had a shenzhouxing card and it only does WAP, which didn’t work with my iPhone.

    But today I bought an M-Zone card and it works!!!

    You just have to type “CMNET” on the apn and restart Edge to make it work, but don’t forget to register for a plan.

    I am on the 50 MB plan for 20 RMB.

  48. @shannon, just call 10086 using your mobile and ask for the operator to do it for you. The China Mobile operators are very kind and helpful, in my personal experience.

  49. Hi

    I was just at one of the stores in Shanghai wanting to pick up an iphone 3g. I have a Blackberry currently so after I put my SIM in the iphone, it just wouldnt show me EDGE or GPRS whereas it used to in my BB. I went into APN and typed in ‘cmnet’ but to no avail.

    I configured the iphone for my corporate Exchange ActiveSync and for gmail but both dont work over GPRS. However, if you’d switch it over to Wifi, the gmail mails would come in whereas my corporate mails would not. Anybody facing the same problem and got it working, let me know.

    Appreciate the help. Cheers.

  50. @Patrick, I don’t have iPhone, or BlackBerry, so don’t have idea about how to configure it. But I am sure someone in the readers’ community may have the experience. Anyone can point to any direction?

  51. Hi @ all,

    I will visit China in April 2009. We will stay in Shanghai, Xi’an and Bejing. Is there a GPRS-enabled China Mobile SIM-Card (prepaid) working in the whole country?

  52. USB stick 3G modems are getting cheaper now, before travelling from UK to china in ’09 we are thinking of getting a E156G HUAWEI stick for laptop. It claims to have GPRS/Edge in the spec at least on some Ebay listings. Any chance this would work in China?

  53. An update to the plans, most importantly there is now a 50RMB package, which includes 300M of traffic, which is a bit more realistic if you’re using things like googlemaps. (BTW: Thanks!)


    ◇ 5 $ Package: feature on charges 5 yuan / month, including the flow 10M, more than after contains the flow of traffic fees are as follows:

    cmwap: 0.01/KB (yuan / KB), cmnet: 0.03/KB (yuan / KB), cap 500, the package only applies to

    Internet phone business; package contains only CMWAP traffic flow; customers in accordance with the standards of capital flows CMNET

    Collection of fees.

    ◇ 10 $ package: functional costs 10 yuan / month, including the flow 20M, more than after contains the flow of traffic fees are as follows:

    0.01/KB (yuan / KB), cap 500, the package includes package does not distinguish between CMWAP traffic flow and CMNET.

    ◇ 20 $ package: functional costs 20 yuan / month, including the flow 50M, more than after contains the flow of traffic fees are as follows:

    0.01/KB (yuan / KB), cap 500, the package includes package does not distinguish between CMWAP traffic flow and CMNET.

    ◇ 50 $ package: functional costs 50 yuan / month, including traffic 300M, more than after contains the flow of traffic fees are as follows:

    0.01/KB (yuan / KB), cap 500, the package includes package does not distinguish between CMWAP traffic flow and CMNET.

    ◇ 100 $ Package: function costs 100 yuan / month, including traffic 800M, more than after contains the flow of traffic fees are as follows:

    0.01/KB (yuan / KB), cap 500, the package includes package does not distinguish between CMWAP traffic flow and CMNET.

    ◇ 200 $ Package: function costs 200 yuan / month, including traffic 2000M, than after contains the flow of traffic fees are as follows:

    0.01/KB (yuan / KB), cap 500, the package includes package does not distinguish between CMWAP traffic flow and CMNET.


  55. 1.pls i need GPRS/WAP/Internet settings and how to configure my jeeger LC 805 slide mobile phone. since my anty bought me the phone i’ve not been able to browse with it. it always give error in communication!

    2. i need a software driver for it my laptop i’ve not been able to communicate with it.

  56. Hi everybody, i’m using the 20¥ month package and is good only use gprs cmwap, but when i connect my phone (se p990i) to my laptop to use cmnet it cost me money (20mb for about 20¥).

    To get to common internetsites go to opera mini and instal it on your mobile, it works fine with me just like now typing this.

    The connection settings above are o.k, just try over and over again creating a new data acount on your phone, i tried 5/6 times to get it worked.

  57. Just wanted to pop in here and say thanks to everybody for the good information contained in this thread. I’ll be in Tangshan in February and was worried if there would be any mobile coverage at all. Seems like I have no need to worry, and now that I understand the different packages, I can choose the right one when I get there. Xie Xie :-) and Happy New Year! If you get bored, head over to my mobile directory. You might find something of interest there …

    Best wishes from Bangkok,

    Kent F. Kruhoeffer


  58. hi,

    i have a purchase new chinese phone model no is rahi at6988.So please tell me how i acsee gprs for phone

  59. response for my problem in GPRS immediately. tnx. how can i know that u will response to my problem??????

  60. I have a Q9h global on China Mobile M-zone sim. I need the GPRS settings. Had them before but upgraded to WM 6.1 and can’t find them now.

  61. Okay, this is all way over my head. I got a Ming Xing A008 touchscreen phone off the internet (dual sim) and I put my At&t sim card in and everything works fine. Except I can’t get on the internet. What do I need to do…?

  62. please i need the now how can i configur my iphone 3G to intenet i have chine mobile numbre thanks and have a good time

  63. I use CMCC mobile 200yuan/month internet package but cant figure out how to renew my subcription. At the service centre i was told all i have to do is recharge my account with the normal recharge cards sold on the streets. can anyone tell how to do this??


  64. Hi I just got a Storm China Made phone (known as Cesim V950) and Im using my ATT sim on it which works perefectly but there’s no way I can access internet so I need if someone knows hot to configure seetings to get acces to web.

    u can email me at:


  65. I bought a china mobile type N82 but the sms writing is only set to dictionary unlike others what can i do to write my sms messeges the harsh nob doesnt change to alternative way the mannual operation book doesnt show how i need assistance i feel it has a factory fault. 2. my mannual says to go to factory settings i dial numbers (1_8) when i do the phone says password error yet there no password i entered ia m waiting for your assistance.

  66. hi. i have a huawei e160 HSDPA USB modem. what mobile provider offers the best package? and what settings to use?


  67. help me please,

    i have sony ericsson P1i

    and i wish to have Internet on it

    i subscribed 5 yuan package, but only wap settings work=( so i can only access some Chinese sites.

    who can tell me how to set gprs connection on my mobile?

    if u have any thoughts please text me

  68. Pls i would like to get the manual and the advance configuration of a china phone using Mtn, glo and celtel

  69. pls i would like get manual and the advance configuration of a china phone using mtn,glo and celtel postetd by:olayinka on Dcember 2, 2009 5:19 pm

  70. Hi

    i cant use gprs and mms with my iphone 3gs in china with china mobile sim card

    please if YOU knoe send APN code ans user name and pasword to me for active my phone.

    yhanks amir

  71. hi over there my phone model is Q7(707) china brand,how can i set the gprs settings to asses MTN Nigeria network pls sendthe settings to my mail through these addresses(,

  72. my phone model is china,model name is Q7 how can i get the gprs settings that mash my phone to asses MTN Nigeria Network,Zain email address is pls send it to mymail.


    Mathew Abayomi

  73. hi,

    i have a china mobile “prince a960” & i want driver of this cell phone to connect laptop for internet.


    contect no 9798694671

    e mail

  74. hi,

    i have a china mobile{sigmatel-lxd 36}

    i have to get internet conection in my phone for idra sim


  75. i have a china mobile model no (h9000) and i want to connect GPRS on mobile and how can i get GPRS ?

  76. i have a problem with chinees phone because it has an internet and it doesnt wanna log inn

  77. i m using NKTEL K500 china Mobile set please send me GPRS settings


  78. Hello ! Please help me.How can I connect Internet service on my china mobile phone model:6300.Now I am living in Ethiopia.Thank You for your help.

  79. hey there just bought a tv mobile phone model xin tai 10000 n cant acces the internet, n mms may u please sent me settings,

  80. i have china mobile nktel 2008 plz give me gprs setting my number 03133238385

  81. No puedo conectarme a internet ni por el wifi, alguien puede ayudarme. china mobiile cmnet

  82. my china mobile phone (treo palmone) will not recieve mms or send them.

    it also won’t show the chinese characters. it puts “?” for every character instead.

    i called 10086 but they were no help.

    having my phone recieve chinese characters while i am in china would be really nice

  83. hello,

    how can connect internet on my chinese mobile (nktelk500) and

    GPRS setting, i in bhutan pl. hep me..!!!

  84. i hav china mobile (NKTEL K500) i want GPRS setting

    my number is 097517726147, i in bhutan

  85. Okay, this is all way over my head. I got a Cesim TV333 touchscreen phone off the internet (dual sim) and I put my At&t sim card in and everything works fine. Except I can’t get on the internet. What do I need to do…?

  86. pls send me the information for setting gprs 3g ip phone made in china to nigerian operators like mtn zain glo

  87. Found this info on:

    Works perfectly for my HTC myTouch from America on China Mobile. I am using the Cmnet APN.

    Name: Cmcc

    APN: cmnet

    Proxy: leave blank

    Port: leave blank

    Username:leave blank

    Password:leave blank

    Server: leave blank


    MMS Proxy:

    MMS Port: 9201



    APN Type: leave blank

    Name: Cmcc

    APN: cmwap


    Port: 80

    Username:leave blank

    Password:leave blank

    Server: leave blank


    MMS Proxy:

    MMS Port: 9201



    APN Type: leave blank

  88. i have a china mobile lephone U303; don’t have gprs & wap setting ( In INDIA)

  89. China Mobile are thieves. Their pricing and billing system is set up to steal your money. I down loaded the audio portion of a radio show, a total of 24 meg. I have a pre-paid service. I had 89 yuan credit when I started my down load on WAP. After I down loaded it still showed I had 89 yuan credit. BUT 2 hours later my balance was 1.5 yuan. I bought 100 Yuan more… and it ate that credit. They don’t take all the money but leave a small balance so you think it has taken all they need. NO, it is a ruse, a deceptive maneuver, so you will put more in.

    It took me 1 hour of searching to find the data rate. 0.03 per 1k or 30 Yuan per meg. So without telling me directly I owe 720 ( – 189 already paid). My mistake was thinking I was on the 20yuan rate, as it did not stop my service when my prepaid credit ran out.

    I know this message will not reach the many people that will be fooled by his immoral practice of stealing money.

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