Wireless Access in Pudong Airport

According to a newspaper article, wireless access has been implemented in Pudong airport. Is it true? I will check it the next time.

One of my friend asked is there any public hot sport of wireless access? My answer was no. Starbucks announced the plan to enable their stores with wireless, but it is not implemented yet.

9 thoughts on “Wireless Access in Pudong Airport

  1. I like your blog alot, and it’s not the first time I land on it by googling.

    This time was because I’d rather avoid the misused computers the Pudong Business center has.

    And I did scan a few nets here such as “CTC”, 2 chans used by “mu”, a fluctuant “eterm” … and an adhoc (i suppose it was someone’s laptop).

    not a single WEP setup… but only CTC seemed to have some (weird) activity (but wouldn’t spit back a dhcp reply).

    I squatted an IP and could ping a supposed .1 gateway where i saw some activity going through. but it would let me use it as a default route, and I didn’t see any captiv portal neither… I really wonder how it’s set up but I didn’t look much further.

    Cya all soon,


    who’s flight back home in Paris has been “innocently” changed by China Airlines yesterday without even being told (darn… gotta wait 4 hours more)

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  3. Is there a shop in the airport where I can buy local chinese cellphones and / or pay as you go sim cards??

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