Successful Presentation Skill Training

I am an experienced speaker or trainer with long Speech and Training List. I am happy to share my tips and practices with other new trainers. Recently, I hold two-day training on Presentation Skills to 25 persons and got the following feedback (all are on 1 – 5 scale).

Training Result

Overall, I am satisfied with this training.


The trainer did a good job on delivering the training


The trainer provides enough time for questions and answers


The attendees are encouraged to participate in discussion


The training is very convincing and valuable


The training is very helpful to my current work and development.



  • The training is full of knowledge and interests.
  • Very helpful.
  • Very Satisfied.
  • Perfect.
  • Hope to receive such high-level training later.
  • The training is perfect.
  • This is the best training ever.
  • You make me know that training is also a skill which we can improve by learning and practicing.
  • Very good and useful, a friendly trainer.
  • If possible, it can last longer and I believe we can learn more in details.

I am happy with the result. Here is the Become a Good Speaker PPT (668K) (update: link corrected) if anyone are interested in becoming a good training or presentation. As stated in the last slide, some content used in the presentation are credited to:

  • 21 Secrets to Become a Good Speaker – Kai-Fu Lee, Microsoft
  • Creating Effective Workshop – Richard Ong, PAAP
  • Personal Experience – Jian Shuo Wang
  • PPT Template Adopted from Maryfj, BBFM

BlogCon without Wifi

Isaac noted BlogCon Shanghai Meetup. From the post, I got to know there are some problems with the BlogCon’s Wifi AP so Shanghai cannot see the real time broadcast. I am not sure whether it was a problem with the Wifi at Shanghai site or the Harvard site.

I planned to go there but I had to be in B&Q (the building material market) at the same time yesterday, busy working on the colors of the walls in the new house. So I missed it. I hope I can get a chance to meet those bloggers in Shanghai.