Resumed from the Short Pause of Service

Yesterday, this website experienced short pause in the comment system. It is because of the disk of the server is full so cause the corruption of comment database on the server. Now I have rebuilt the whole MovableType sytem from scratch and take the chance to upgrade it to MovableType 2.63.

I used the backup data on April 13, then manually inputed the entries after that time (5 entries) with the comments. Now most of the comments and articles are on the new system. However, I am afraid some comments between April 13 and April 17 are permently lost. I am very sorry for that.

I have informed the system adimistrator of the server to clean up the server disk – actually it is really wired that the build result of the MovableType is incomplete. I checked I still have a lot of disk space but it just refuse to build the right page. Then I believe the disk of the server itself was full. I called the operator and it is confirmed.

Sorry. Server Down for 5 Hours

I am afraid that some of you may experienced difficulty to access this site in a particular 5 hours. The server hosting this site might have gone down during the time frame, as you can see from the server uptime diagram below:

Image source: watchdog.

It is a very handy service to watch the availability of your webiste – its performance and up time. As a webmaster, may be interested to get an account from The best thing is, you don’t have to add link or put logo to your site to use this service.

Server Change Caused Site Problems

Below is the traffic graph of the previous days on Jan 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 (today)


I can clearly see the decline of visitors to the site from Jan 24 to Jan 25 and it resumed on Jan 28. Why?

The Service Provider Changed IP Address AND Server

The hosting company changed the IP address AND the server of It was originally hosted on a server xx.xx.xx.123, and now the server is changed. This caused the domain name and the server not in synch. I am very interested why there is still some hits to my server during that time (Jan 26 – Jan 27). Moved Out of my Home

This is the quickest decision I have ever made in my life – apply a hosting service for my blog

Why so urgent

My site has been down for more than 24 hours. It is not acceptable for my site. Although it is a personal web site without any sponsor, I am still want to keep it as stable as possible. But 24 hours downtime has made the avaiablility of the site to be less than 99.7%. The commercial web site is targeting to 99.99% availability. I need to fix it, as soon as possible. is a good company

Thanks for Google (Chinese site), I found in the first page of the result.

I’d like to especially thank Miss Cao who helped me a lot during the setup of the web site in 24 hours – from sending the cash to the company, to setting the domain name system, and to configuring the Perl with the required modules by Movable Type.

The price is pretty good, 380 RMB (45 USD) for one year’s hosting for Perl, ASP and PHP. It is fine for me since it is still cheap after I compared the price between hosting it in ISP and in home. provides a very good report on the history hosting of this web site. From the report, you can monitor the hosting change:

Web Server and Hosting History for

OS Server Last changed IP address Netblock Owner

Windows 2000 Microsoft-IIS/5.0 26-Sep-2002 Shanghai Telecom Co. Qingpu Telecom Breaure


Server Outage – My Home is Still Not a Perfect Datacenter

My dear readers,

You may not be access this web site from Sept 24 to Sept 26. This is due to the network outage at my home. The 48 hours is very hard for me. I made a somewhat stupid decision to host at my home. Actually, I have spent a lot of time checking the availability of the site, worrying about whether it is down, or is there any problem with the network. Hosting a web server in my house is really problematic and expensive. Here is why:

  1. The electronic power. The need to keep the computer up and running every day and every minute. The power fee is no cheaper than the renting fee. To rent a pretty good server with ActivePerl, ASP and PHP support, it is only 380 RMB ($45) per year. That is about 1 RMB per day – I am paying more than 1 RMB for the power for my computer everyday – if you know my computer does not support hibernate. Thanks for to provide this service for me. I am especially grateful for Miss Cao’s great help during the setup.
  2. The network. The network provided by Great Wall Broadband is good, it also has some problem. Recently, with the government strengthen the control over networks, it uses a new authentication method. It required end user to type in account name and password before accessing the network. Sometimes this will drop. If the network connection is dropped, there is no way to remotely resume the connection unless I am physically at the computer to do so. This is the reason why my site is down for 48 hours. It happened before, but this time, I am on business trip to Chengdu and cannot reset it.

P.S. This log is attached at the day of Sept 26, but it is written on Sept 24, since the computer may be down, but my writing won’t.